A few weeks ago I did a post in which I suggested, in all seriousness, that we should invade and occupy Mexico.

I didn’t mean “Let’s bomb Mexico” the way your idiot neighbor who still has a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on his car does. I mean more like the way we invaded and occupied Iraq… just competently. And without fabricated intelligence. And without torturing people. Oh yeah and without letting mercenaries gun down civilians left and right. And without alienating the entire world community and undermining our own moral stature. Shit. I’m off topic now.

A healthy and functioning democracy in Mexico would have a direct impact on our country. And, I believe, for the better. If Mexico enjoyed law and order and had an economic infrastructure that was aimed at employing people and raising their standard of living then they might not want to come to this country illegally.

And it’s not because I think brown people should stay on their side of the border. In fact, if Mexico became an actual country instead of being our hemisphere’s version of Somalia, we might not need a border. Both of our economies would benefit from free and open trade where people from one country could travel freely into the other and spend money. And before you start screaming and whining about “Europeanizing” North America, consider that we’ve been doing it with Canada for about as long as our two countries have existed. There’s a reason Canadians are not illegally entering our country by the millions. They like it in Canada.

Well, wouldn’t you know it but the U.S. Government has finally listened to me:

“Hilary Clinton has sparked a diplomatic row with Mexico by likening the country’s drugs war to a Colombia-style “insurgency”, a charge angrily rejected by Mexican politicians.

The US secretary of state pointed to the use of car bombs, a tool once favoured by cartel-allied rebels in Colombia, as evidence that Mexican drugs gangs “are now showing more and more indices of insurgency”. Her remarks came as the third mayor in a month became the latest victim of violence in Mexico.

Her comments were dismissed in Mexico, but raised fears there that Clinton was preparing the ground to implement a Mexican version of Plan Colombia – a controversial anti-drug programme in the late 1990s involving US troops working with the Colombian army against the dominant Medellin drug cartel.” – The Guardian

I never imagined Hillary would take my pillow talk seriously. Then again, she didn’t take the warnings about my panther-like prowess seriously either. See those bags under her eyes? Totally my fault.

President Obama has already ordered the use of Predator drones along the border. And, some unconfirmed reports by local media are claiming that we have already used Hellfire missile attacks in taking out cartel leaders. Not surprisingly the Mexican “government” rejected the comparisons to Colombia as well as any suggestion of using American military assistance. According to BBC NEWS:

“A Mexican government spokesman rejected Mrs Clinton’s analogy. Speaking in Mexico City, Alejandro Poire said the only aspect that the Mexican and Colombian conflicts share is their root cause – a high demand for drugs in the US.

Mr Poire also denied that the presence of drug cartels was tantamount to an insurgency, insisting that “all the efforts of the Mexican state were going into fighting criminals”.

Hear that striking silence? That’s the sound of Mexico’s full resources going into fighting the drug cartels. Consider that we’ve been supplying the Mexican “government” with American weapons for decades. Also, consider that the cartels currently blowing the shit out of everything are using those very same weapons. There’s a connection there somewhere…

Most liberals are going to start decrying the use of force because that’s what liberals do. It’s one of the few reasons I don’t count myself among them. I’m not crazy about military force either, but it is a tool. And when you have a tool and something needs fixing, well, it only makes sense to use it. And, let’s face it: Mexican drug gangs will rape and shoot you regardless of your political leanings. It’s the age-old paradox about a free society like ours. You have the right to be a pacifist and reject violence. However, other people have to fight and sometimes die to protect that right.

The other age-old paradox, of course, is the tough female politician who turns into an absolute pussycat after a few whispered nothings and a pearl necklace.



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