There’s an old episode of Seinfeld (I guess they’re all old now) in which George is enlightening Jerry about the joy of the “walk in” in which you walk into your boss’ office and quit. Jerry then asks him about the “walk out” where you walk out of your boss’ office after quitting. George explains that the “walk out” isn’t so good. As he put it: “That’s when you realize all the money you’re losing.”

Rahm Emanuel is a rich guy. And I really doubt he’s ever going to be unable to find a high-paying job. Having White House Chief of Staff on your resume is usually an interview winner. So is listing President Barack Obama as a reference. Let’s just hope he remembers to say “Vandelay Industries” when he answers the phone.

Emanuel officially left his post as President Obama’s Chief of Staff today to run for Mayor of Chicago. And while this has all been in the news for weeks now his departure would make official his intention to run for outgoing Windy City Maestro Richard Daley’s office. According to The Guardian:

“Obama described the departure as “bittersweet”, saying Emanuel – who stood smiling at his side – was a great friend with “an unmatched level of energy and enthusiasm and commitment”.

“It’s fair to say we could not have accomplished what we have accomplished without Rahm’s leadership, from preventing the second depression to passing historic healthcare and financial reform legislation to restoring America’s leadership in the world,” Obama said. “For nearly two years I have begun my work day with Rahm, I have ended my work day with Rahm … His advice has always been candid, his opinions have always been insightful. His commitment to his job has always been heartfelt, born of a passionate desire to move this country forward.”

The president hugged Emanuel who said it was a “profound privilege” to work for Obama. “You had the guts to make the tough calls,” he said.”

Personally, I think Emanuel should have constructed a napping chamber under his desk and stayed with the Yankees. I mean the White Sox. Obama. Whatever. The point being that I think Rahm’s “walk out” had to really suck.

Firstly, his attempt to become the first all-gray mayor of Chicago is far from a sure-thing. Granted, some early polls give him a lead but then again few other candidates have officially jumped into the contest. And if he loses, well, he’s not likely to try and get his old gig back. Unless he slips Obama a “mickey”. And I’m sure he has a “mickey” source.

Secondly, however, it’s kind of a two-face thing to do. Granted, the opportunity was probably now or never. But then again, so is being chosen to be White House Chief of Staff. Not that there’s anything wrong with being Mayor of Chicago. I grew up there and I could picture Rahmmy Boy leading the St. Patrick’s Day parade or telling a reporter that “there is no truth at all to those allegations”.

I could also totally see him double-dipping. I bet he does that all the time. And as far as being master of his domain, well I doubt it. I bet that guy tugs it like five times a day. But he really should be wearing a puffy shirt if he’s going to jump ship during the first storm of a Presidential voyage. And it’s hard to take a political candidate seriously when they leave their responsibilities behind before seeing things through. Just ask Elaine… er, Sarah Palin.



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