This is Steve Ballmer. He’s the Chief Executive of Microsoft. I have no idea what the hell he’s doing in this picture. I think it has something to do with trying to frighten away natural predators. But if you think he’s weird, have a look at what employees at Microsoft do in their spare time:

“Last month, a few hundred Microsoft Corp employees acted out their fantasy with a mock funeral for Apple Inc’s iPhone at its Redmond, Washington campus.

The bizarre gathering, which morphed into a spirited Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance routine, marked the completion of its Windows Phone 7 software, and showed how badly Microsoft wants to resurrect itself in the viciously competitive phone market.

The new software, which will be publicly unveiled on October 11 and expected on handsets in stores by November, is Microsoft’s last chance, some analysts say, to catch up with Apple and Google Inc’s Android smartphones, after squandering its strong market position in only a few years.” – Reuters

Microsoft has always kind of struck me as some kind of Borg hive for ex-hippies. It’s one of those companies that, know it or not, has managed to infiltrate just about every part of your daily life.

Of course the other end of the spectrum is Apple. And I’ve just never been comfortable with the whole Mac culture. It’s like Scientology or something. I don’t know. I’m sorry but my choice in computer does not define me. I may look all XP, baby, but on the inside I am hot bloodedly Windows 7.

One of the signs that you’re getting old and paranoid is when you start fearing technology instead of embracing it. On the other hand, one of the signs that you’re out of your fucking mind is when you make your employees act out the Thriller video at a mock funeral for a goddamn telephone.


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