Banking is a unique industry. With just about all other forms of business the goal is to provide a product or service which will entice people to spend their money. With banking, people just give you their money. All of it. As for what product or service is actually rendered, well, I have no idea.

It always seemed to me that when I put my money in a bank I ended up with less of it. And less control over it. And less access to it. Why? Because “banking” is one of the longest running scams in human history. If you actually think your money is safer in the hands of a bank then I have some magic beans I want to sell you. And you’ll buy them.

“Banks are accused of using “robo-signers” — to sign hundreds of foreclosure documents a day without reviewing the documents properly, reigniting public anger with an industry blamed for helping cause the 2007-2009 financial crisis and resented for getting billions of dollars in taxpayer aid.” – Reuters

Yeah. All that anger. And yet people are going right back to the bank. Aw, come on baby. Don’t be like that. I won’t hurt you again. I promise. You know I love you. Reuters goes on to say:

“Bank of America is due to release its quarterly financial results on Tuesday, and faces a likely barrage of questions from Wall Street analysts about foreclosures. “This is a sign they’re feeling relatively confident,” said Jefferson Harralson, a Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc bank analyst.”

The reason they’re feeling confident is because every angry citizen in this country didn’t do anything except sit around being angry. And they’ll probably just take their ire out at the polls and elect a bunch of free market sissies who will end up driving us further into the ditch.

Battered women often are the most vocal and ardent defenders of the spouses who beat them. Likewise, I’m often astounded at the lengths to which the victimized masses of this country will go to defend the economic system that has raped them and left them destitute.

He really is a good man. Other people just don’t see that. Yeah, he’s hit me a few times but it’s not his fault. I guess I just made him angry. I should just pray and try harder to love him and things will get better. Besides, what would I do without him?

Then, once the cops leave, it’s time for a pair of Irish sunglasses.

“Bank of America was the only lender to halt foreclosures in all 50 states. Other companies, including Ally Financial Inc.’s GMAC Mortgage unit, PNC Financial Services Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., have halted tens of thousands of foreclosures after similar practices became public.

Shares of Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America had been flat earlier in the day but jumped on the news. They rose 36 cents, or 3 percent, to close at $12.34.” – MSNBC

In other words, the banking industry fucked you up because you got lippy. You got mad and called the police but lost your courage to press charges once they got there. And when they left it fucked you up again. And somewhere, somehow, someone made $12.34. Or they did… something with 36 cents. And a percentage sign. Jesus, these people are confusing. They even have their own language.

If people want to send the likes of Wall Street and Bank of America a message then they shouldn’t hedge their bets on who they vote for. Yeah, electing the right people is important. But then after you’re done voting on November 2nd go to your bank and withdraw all of your money. But, you probably won’t. Not yet. Hell, it took Tina Turner like 20 years to finally leave Ike. And Mel Gibson’s wife put up with that shit for longer than that and she’s still defending him.

I know. You got those bruises when you fell down some stairs. And you got charged that $30 because it was totally your fault for bouncing that check. Yeah, you lost those teeth slipping in the shower. Boy, you are clumsy. Likewise, it wasn’t the bank’s fault you lost your house it was your spending habits. You just didn’t try hard enough to balance your checkbook. You really are lucky to have a bank at all. Gosh, they really are good people over there at B of A or Wells Fargo. I guess I just don’t know them like you do.

Hopefully, one day you might just come to understand that the only thing scarier than life without the abuser is life with him.



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