He’s about 1,000 miles behind you. But that’s not going to stop him from urging you to put yourself in harm’s way. During his yearly Christmas address from the relative safety of the Vatican, Pope Benedict put out a call to Christians all over the world to get themselves killed.

“He urged Roman Catholics in China to face with courage the limits on their freedom. He also called for political leaders to show solidarity with Christians throughout the Middle East, saying that those living in Iraq faced persecution.” – BBC NEWS

Yeah, Chinese Cathorics, make yourselves the target of the  most heavily armed totalitarian regime on Earth. Come on, do it for the old man. You’ll go to heaven. Promise.

“In the Middle East, the Vatican fears further attacks like the one on a Catholic cathedral in Baghdad in October that killed 52 people.” – BBC NEWS

Call me insensitive (which means I don’t care what you think anyway) but if you’re a Catholic and you live in Iraq you should probably leave. In fact, I would go ahead and say leave the Middle East altogether. I know, I know. Jesus was from there. Well, the Japanese love Elvis but you don’t see them building goddamn pagodas in the deep American South.

Hell, if that’s your attitude, why don’t you just run around the streets of Jerusalem dragging a Star of David through the dirt and screaming “Jesus killers!” Better yet, have your annual Christian Rock festival in Tehran. Or just blow your own brains out with a gun. Same thing.

I’ve never understood the Catholic Church’s obsession with creepy old men. It really wouldn’t kill them to make a young guy Pope. Or a woman. Or someone representative of the other ¾ of the human population who aren’t zombified white guys.

But, apparently, they’re not bothered by the optics of a former Hitler Youth telling the world’s other ethnic groups to die for him. I guess that sort of complicated theological discrepancy is why I’m not a Catholic. Well, that and I think it’s all a crock of shit.



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