Civilian leaders always lose me when they put on military uniforms. When George Bush (not that one, the other one) put on a Navy flight suit I knew thousands of lives and billions of dollars were going right down the toilet.

America’s ties with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have never been exactly tender and loving. Recently, however, the friction has gotten so bad that Chavez has gone commando and started donning a military uniform in public. And a beret. Gotta’ love the beret. It’s so… Che.

“Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dared the U.S. to expel his ambassador in retaliation for his move to reject the U.S. envoy to the South American country.

On Wednesday, that’s just what the Obama administration did.

Chavez issued his dare a day earlier, saying he would not allow the U.S. diplomat, Larry Palmer, to be ambassador because the U.S. official made what Chavez described as blatantly disrespectful remarks about Venezuela.” – ASSOCIATED PRESS

Yeah, go ahead and dare us. We thumb our nose at the rest of the world on a weekly basis, my friend. Most Americans can’t find Venezuela on a map let alone give two farts about whether or not we have diplomatic ties.

Latin American countries have a long tradition of putting popular socialists into office. And we have a long tradition of killing them and installing capitalist patsies instead. Thus far this hasn’t worked with Chavez because, like a ruptured hemorrhoid, he keeps shitting red all over our nice clean free market toilet.

“The situation had shown signs of improving with the election of Barack Obama, he says; however, President Chavez later declared him to be “a great disappointment” and claimed he had “the same stench as George W Bush”.” BBC NEWS


Jesus, man, how far left-of-center are you?

Morons like Chavez are what give socialism a totally bad rap. I’m all for empowering the people. And I’m totally for the people having a check on the wealthy and the private sector.

But, ever since taking power in 1999 he has slowly whittled away civil liberties and freedoms there. He has also suspended parliament on a number of occasions and ruled by decree in the interim. His political opponents have a tendency to shoot themselves in the back of the head.

Chavez has also repeatedly used Venezuela’s military to threaten and intimidate other countries. And America won’t stand for that. I mean, we do it too. But, we’re America. So, you know, it’s okay. For us I mean. Not them.



  1. 1 illliterature
    December 30, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    It’s 1973 Chile all over again!

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