Anyone who has ever read this site will know of my general contempt for religion. Normally, I find that religion is a deeply insidious force and I spend hours digging beneath the façade to expose it. This morning, however, I didn’t have to dig very deep.

“David Romo, considered the high priest of a cult with millions of followers across the Americas, was presented to the media on Tuesday in the Mexican capital after being arrested in late December along with eight others including a minor. Romo, 42, is accused of helping to kidnap two elderly people and depositing the ransom payment in his bank account, Mexico City’s attorney general’s office said.

Known as “Santa Muerte” in Spanish, the saint is often depicted as a skeletal “grim reaper” draped in white satin robes, beaded necklaces and carrying a scythe. Followers leave offerings of tequila, rum, beer, cigarettes, cash, flowers and candy at altars adorned with rosaries and candles.” – REUTERS

Aside from the fact that this dipshit tried to deposit a ransom payment into his own bank account, he seems to have concocted a pretty ingenious scheme here. Santa Muerte is the patron saint of drug traffickers in Mexico and Latin America. They often pray to her for absolution in advance of committing crimes because, hey, Lady Skeletor is a groovy chick. How groovy, you ask?

“The lure of the death saint is that she is said to honor requests without judging them. The Catholic Church frowns on the cult, whose origins may trace back to Aztec and Mayan death-gods or to ancient European traditions, but many devotees call themselves Catholics.”

By most standards, once millions of people are following something it ceases to be a cult. It’s usually just a regular religion at that point. And when murders and kidnappings are being committed in your name you should probably do something more than “frown” upon it. Of course why would you want to stop drug cartels and kidnappers from donating money to the church? Absolution isn’t free and these people have very expensive consciences. Ah yes, now I see. It’s less of a “frown” than a “wink”.

Screw blogging. I need to be a part of the religion racket.


I am now St. Greel the Felonious. I am the patron saint of beer and home invasion. Do whatever you want to whoever you want. Just bring me drugs and pornography and I won’t judge you. I love all people. Except for those people who don’t believe in me. Kill them. Kill all of them. Including people who have never heard of me. That’s their fault. Kill them too.

Confused? Fuck you. I’m a saint. If you believe in me you won’t ask questions. Now give me your money. Wink.


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