It strikes me as kind of strange that Egyptians are celebrating the replacement of a dictator with a military government that has more or less declared martial law.

Well, “celebrating” in Egypt is a relative term. In America we celebrate by drinking beer and shooting off fireworks. Well, mostly beer. In Egypt, however, they apparently celebrate by pushing their luck as much as they possibly can.

“Bank, transport and tourism workers all demonstrated in Cairo after 18 days of protests succeeded in removing President Hosni Mubarak. In a TV statement, the military urged all Egyptians to go back to work.

Earlier Cairo’s Tahrir Square was cleared of protesters, but hundreds soon returned, joined by police. Most of the thousands of protesters in the square had left on Sunday after welcoming the announcement by the new ruling military council that it would dissolve parliament and suspend the constitution.” – BBC NEWS

Trust me, the first time you piss off your new military government you’re going to absolutely pine for the good old days of Mubarak. Yeah, he was brutal and ruled with an iron fist but he was old and slow and, in a way, kind of cute. When the army “urges” you to do something you should probably do it.

But don’t worry, Egyptian civilians, you’re bringing some muscle of your own to the table.

“Meanwhile, two online activists said on Monday that they had discussed reforms with the military. “We met the army … to understand their point of view and lay out our views,” Google executive Wael Ghonim and blogger Amr Salama said in a note on a pro-democracy website that helped launch the revolt.” – AL JAZEERA

The military’s point of view is usually pretty straightforward: do it or we’ll run you over with a tank. And they’ll do it too. That’s what the military does. It’s a bunch of guys all raging on testosterone with years of training in blowing things up.

And I’m sure the last thing the Egyptian military is concerned about are the “views” of a blogger and a Google executive. I’m surprised these two aren’t drinking their lattes through goddamn feeding tubes this morning.

As for the guy in the picture, well, I admire his guts. Taking on like ten riot cops all by himself is pretty impressive. Of course, seeing as how he’s not fucking Wolverine, I’m sure after this photo was taken he got the ever-loving shit beat out of him.

And he’s still got to go to work today.


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