Less than a year after derailing the career of General Stanley McChrystal, ROLLING STONE has once again turned over an ugly rock inside of our military. In a story running this month they go into detail about how the military used “Psy-Ops” on visiting U.S. Senators, Congressmen and other civilian leaders in Afghanistan.

Why? It’s the Army. They sure as hell weren’t trying to get James Carville’s gumbo recipe. Rather, it seems, they want more money and resources to pour into a hopeless and unpopular war.

I tell you, things have really changed since Vietnam.

“The orders came from the command of Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, a three-star general in charge of training Afghan troops – the linchpin of U.S. strategy in the war. Over a four-month period last year, a military cell devoted to what is known as “information operations” at Camp Eggers in Kabul was repeatedly pressured to target visiting senators and other VIPs who met with Caldwell. When the unit resisted the order, arguing that it violated U.S. laws prohibiting the use of propaganda against American citizens, it was subjected to a campaign of retaliation.” – ROLLING STONE

I’m astounded that a few hemp-wearing lefties from Rolling Stone magazine can repeatedly penetrate the secrecy of the U.S. Military. And, do it with more effectiveness than the militaries of our enemies. Then again, Rolling Stone has a very effective Psy-Ops unit of its own. For some reason when people talk to them they just can’t shut up.

What’s more I’m kind of confused as to why the military even felt this was necessary. Especially when you consider who they were targeting. ROLLING STONE goes on to say:

“The list of targeted visitors was long, according to interviews with members of the IO team and internal documents obtained by Rolling Stone. Those singled out in the campaign included senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Jack Reed, Al Franken and Carl Levin; Rep. Steve Israel of the House Appropriations Committee; Adm. Mike Mullen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Czech ambassador to Afghanistan; the German interior minister, and a host of influential think-tank analysts.”

Firstly, you don’t need to hypnotize John McCain or Joe Lieberman into giving the military more money or leeway to blow shit up. Lieberman guns down six people every morning and McCain was already programmed by the North Vietnamese and Angela Lansbury.

Personally, if I were running this unit I would put it to far better use. Like making women take their clothes off or getting Justin Bieber to hop in a bathtub with a toaster. But then, this is probably why I don’t have The Force or any superpowers. I would be a complete jerk. Nobody would be safe.

And I suppose you would spend your time protecting the innocent and fighting evil. Fucking loser.



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