It goes without saying that our longstanding effort to bring civilized values to the rest of the world has largely failed. But, I’m going to say it anyway. In fact, I just did. See how I did that? All clever and shit?

Not that I’m claiming to be a genius. But, at this stage of life I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in which the people making decisions for the rest of us are clearly not as smart as I am. This goes for elected officials, judges, people who work in middle and upper management, etc. And it especially goes for the people in charge of making decisions like this:

“A CIA contractor who shot and killed two Pakistani men was freed from prison on Wednesday after the United States paid $2.34 million in “blood money” to the victims’ families, Pakistani officials said, defusing a dispute that had strained ties between Washington and Islamabad.

In what appeared to be carefully choreographed end to the diplomatic crisis, the U.S. Embassy said the Justice Department had opened an investigation into the killings on Jan. 27 by Raymond Allen Davis. It thanked the families for “their generosity” in pardoning Davis, but did not mention any money changing hands.

The killings and detention of Davis triggered a fresh wave of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and were testing an alliance seen as key to defeating al-Qaida and ending the war in Afghanistan.” – ASSOCIATED PRESS

Part of me was kind of relieved. I mean, I’m sure the last thing a white man would want is to be subjected to the justice system in Pakistan. Then, I started wondering what the hell a white man was even doing in Pakistan to begin with. And what was his plan after shooting two Pakistani guys? Blend in? Melt into the crowd? Hope that when witnesses described a white man as the shooter, the cops in Pakistan wouldn’t find the only white man in a hundred mile radius?

Further, considering that we already give Pakistan like a billion dollars a year for being crazy, I would think that a further 2.3 million would be kind of redundant. And considering that we blow up like 50 Pakistanis a week with Predator Drone strikes… yeah, I’m thinking that should still be covered under the billion dollars. We’re Americans. We do everything on credit anyway.

Eventually I find myself thinking about all the things we could have done in this country with that money. I mean I think we should spend American money on Americans and American things. Especially in a time of sustained financial crisis in this country when every dollar could mean the difference between life and death. And it is our money anyway.

Then again, maybe I’m the dumb one for even trying to make sense of this.


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