You know how it is after you’ve been broke for a while. You get some extra cash in your pocket and you say “Hey, I haven’t become militarily involved in another country in forever.” So you go nuts bombing the hell out of someone and, well, in the words of Colin Powell “George, are you fucking insane? Jesus, your old man did a number on you.”

Well, I really mean the other thing he said about when you break it you buy it. I bring this up because over the weekend we decided to add Libya to our ever-growing menagerie of fucked up countries alongside Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The first strikes at the weekend halted the advance of Gaddafi’s forces on Benghazi and targeted Libyan air defences to give Western warplanes control of the skies, but there have been no immediate rebel gains on the ground.

The White House said the United States intended to hand over the lead role in Libyan operations to others within days. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the intention was to transfer the coalition command to NATO, but France said Arab countries did not want the U.S.-led military alliance in charge.” – REUTERS

Who the hell else would be in charge? I’m all for national and ethnic pride, and I understand why Arab countries aren’t tickled pink that Westerners are bombing someone in their neighborhood… again. But, you’ve had over 30 years to get rid of this asshole. We’ll do it in about 30 days.

Of course, not everyone at the U.N. is happy about this. That shining example of sanity and morality, Vladimir Putin, had some choice words for us. REUTERS goes on to report:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said a U.N. resolution authorizing military action in Libya resembled “medieval calls for crusades” and China stepped up criticism as Western forces prepared to switch from air strikes to air patrols.”

Thanks for the input, Vlad. Maybe when you’re done ethnically cleansing Chechnya or selling centrifuges to Iran you can tell us more about what we’re doing wrong over here in the West. Hell, maybe you can come over to my house and tell me what I’m doing wrong sexually with my wife or the best way to get my son to piss and shit in the toilet.

I’m of the opinion that we should just stop listening to the rest of the world. In fact, I think our diplomat to the United Nations should just sit there with his fingers in his ears and scream “We’re bombing Libya! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! Lalalalalalalala!”


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