WordPress has been on the blink most of today so I had to wait until now to put this up. Sorry about that. I was prepared but someone else failed. Story of my life.

And there’s an old story about California Governor Jerry Brown that I like. At the dawn of the fifth epoch, during the reign of the evil Lord Hemnoch and seven generations before the culling of Gerzenomere, Jerry Brown stood in judgment before the tribunal of wizards at Zegendorf. They asked him about the riddle of steel. He rebuked them in the ancient tongue of the Yemelztudt and swore he would rather live in eternal agony than give away the secrets of his people.

So they gave him eternal life. And he’s been eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their descendants ever since. Gotta’ love that poetic justice. And guess what: people love Jerry.

“California voters approve of Governor Jerry Brown’s job performance by a more than 2-1 margin, which is sharply at odds with how they view lawmakers, according to survey findings released on Tuesday.

The findings come as the Democrat-led legislature takes up bills making up Brown’s plan to close a state budget gap of close to $27 billion. The Democratic governor is battling to get Republicans to agree to a statewide budget referendum.

The survey by The Field Poll found 48 percent approve of the job the 72-year-old Democrat has been doing since taking the oath of office in January for a third term — he served as governor of California in the 1970s and 1980s — compared to 21 percent who disapprove and 31 percent who have no opinion.” – REUTERS

The same poll also showed that most Californians don’t speak English and therefore had no idea what the person on the other end of the phone was asking them. Those who did speak English overwhelmingly believed that travel to the stars angers the gods and that you can get rid of AIDS by having sex with an underage virgin.

I’ve always maintained that polling is a terrible social measuring tool. The kind of person who would answer the phone and respond to questions from a complete stranger is probably just desperate for someone to talk to. Then again I also believe that anyone who spends all day calling strangers and asking them questions about politicians and public policy needs to get out more often.

What’s more, the guy has been in office for like two months. Of course they like him. Everybody likes me after they’ve only known me for two months. It’s at least a year before I get drunk and grab a breast or borrow money I have no intention of repaying. Then again, this is Jerry Brown we’re talking about. As long as he sleeps in the soil of his ancestral homeland every night he could potentially live forever. So, you know, perhaps he’s just biding his time before he takes away school lunches or implements a toilet flushing tax.



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