I haven’t had cable in almost six years now. Outside of what I pay for Netflix and my internet connection each month I have not paid a single penny for any movie or episode of television that I have watched. And although my DVD collection continues to grow at an exponential rate I have not actually purchased one since 2008.

Do I download things I shouldn’t? Do I copy things that specifically warn me not to? Yeah. My motto with regard to entertainment (and porn for that matter) is that if I can’t get it for free then I’m not interested in watching it. I almost never see movies in theaters because I’m not a farm animal and being penned up next to fat, smelly and chatty idiots for two hours just doesn’t do anything for me. I’ll wait for it to find its way to my TV. I’m in no hurry. Truth be told, most people aren’t. That’s why a service like Netflix is so popular.

Netflix suffered a couple setbacks this week at the hands of Showtime and Starz. According to the Los Angeles Times, Showtime will no longer provide old seasons of “Dexter” and “Californication” for streaming, and Starz will delay streaming episodes of its new series “Camelot” by 90 days. Starz may also withhold movies from Netflix streaming in the future, the LA Times reports.

We’ve been hearing for a while that Hollywood is afraid of Netflix. For $8 per month, the service provides a huge library of on-demand movies and TV shows, and has the potential to pull people away from existing revenue streams, such as DVD, video on demand and, in the case of Showtime and Starz, premium subscription television.

But as far as I know, that fear hasn’t produced any tangible effect on Netflix’s streaming service until now. With Showtime and Starz retracting content, we’re seeing the first signs of a Netflix streaming backlash.” – PC WORLD

This would be terrible news… if I watched CALIFORNICATION or had any idea what the fuck CAMELOT even was. Hollywood often places an unrealistic level of value on its content. For example, it amused me that the delay of MADMEN until 2012 was a top story on all the major news outlets. Only people in Hollywood watch it. Since I left LA I have yet to meet one person in the real world who even watches that fucking show.

And yes, I spent the better part of the last decade living and working in Hollywood. I’m not just some guy in middle America bitching and moaning about the gay liberal Jew thing. I like to think I have a fairly informed point-of-view when it comes to this topic. Of course you might think that would mean that I understand the dangerous economic flaw inherent in my “get it for free” ideology. Well, how’s this for free market ideology: make something worth buying and I’ll pay for it.



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