I’m not entirely sure where this one is going today. I had a few separate ideas that, around 5 AM, became part of one large idea. And even though I’m still not fully aware of my own point I’m pretty sure it has something to do with Republican Congressman Peter King looking like the bad guy in a 1980’s made-for-TV movie.

“A frozen pig’s foot and a note laced with anti-Semitic rants were sent to Rep. Peter King’s Capitol Hill office, a congressional source familiar with the situation confirmed to CNN Monday.

The source said the note included statements such as “evil Jews will return this hoof to Palestine.” Neither King nor his aides have seen the package, the source said, because all mail sent to the U.S. Capitol is now screened and the package was intercepted before it went to his office. King’s office was notified Monday afternoon.” – CNN

You know you’ve arrived when people are mailing you body parts. Although I’m not sure I understand why Jews would bring that thing back to Palestine. Or how. Or, for that matter, what they’re going to do with it once they get it there. Maybe that’s where King was supposed to come in. You know, pull some strings or something.

King has recently drawn fire for his hearings into the radicalization of American Muslims. I mean, he didn’t literally “draw fire”. This was going to be my other point today. I’m getting kind of bored/worried by the increasingly violent imagery used in the news every day. Especially political news. “President Obama Under Fire for Libya Response…” or “Newt Gingrich Blasts Back at Critics…” or “Pelosi Takes Cover From Budget Comment Fallout…”.

It makes it sound like these people are running around Washington with automatic weapons, not simply engaging in routine political discourse. Suddenly I’m not all that surprised someone mailed a pig hoof to a member of Congress. Hell, if you’re completely illiterate you might actually think that’s how things are done in America just from watching the news.

My other idea for today involved naked women in space. It really had nothing to do with Peter King’s hate mail or violent media rhetoric. But I’ll think you’ll find, as I did, that it is still every bit as important.


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