In the book 1984 one of the plotlines was the tyrannical government’s pride at perfecting procreation without orgasm. Sex and the enjoyment of it were considered a distraction which kept the enslaved masses from being totally efficient. Physical intimacy was outlawed except under strictly controlled government conditions.

Nothing has changed since that fictional time and place. In fact one could argue it’s getting worse. When I read a story like this I start to worry that mankind is headed towards a bleak and terrifying future:

“While it’s accepted that women are watching – and enjoying – porn more and more, it’s less recognised that some are also finding it hard to stop. At Quit Porn Addiction, the UK’s main porn counselling service, almost one in three clients are women struggling with their own porn use, says founder and counsellor Jason Dean. Two years ago, there were none. While more than six out of 10 women say they view web porn, one study in 2006 by the Internet Filter Review found that 17% of women describe themselves as “addicted”.” – THE GUARDIAN

I was like ¾ of the way through this story before I realized they were trying to make the case that this was somehow a problem. I just assumed that more women watching porn was one of the measures of a society moving closer to its golden age. Porn addiction? That’s like saying you’re addicted to oxygen or seeking therapy because you like drinking water when you’re thirsty. More women are watching porn. We should be celebrating this. Seriously, this is great news.

Women who like porn are, by definition, healthy and normal. You don’t have a problem. Don’t let this harsh and judgmental society wreck something so potentially beautiful. Enjoying smut is probably one of the three things a man secretly looks for in a woman along with having all her limbs and being a legal adult. Sorry, ladies, but we really don’t give a shit about what movies you like or where you went to school or any of that shallow and superficial crap. We need a much deeper connection. Usually a high speed one.

Getting excited by watching naked people fuck each other is usually the best way to determine if someone is clinically dead or not. Or whether or not they’re a Terminator. If anything I think fighting the urge to watch porn is a problem. Where are the statistics on porn aversion? Those people need help. They make me sad.

I’ve worked in porn. Big surprise, right? I’m not sure how that figures into this. And I don’t even know if I’m making a point anymore. Man those were some fun days. I’m going to take a moment to remember them. Yeah. Good stuff.



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