As a consumer group Western travelers tend to avoid places with lots of guns and death. I mean we’ll buy bananas and coffee from you. But, we’re not going to spend money to hang out where you live. Not after you’ve just had a successful revolution and, for some odd reason, still feel the need to riot and set cars on fire.

“The number of foreign visitors to Egypt in the first quarter of this year fell by 46 per cent, bad news in a country where one in eight of the working adult population is employed in the tourism industry.

Western leaders may have hailed the courage of Egypt’s people in overthrowing their latter-day pharaoh, but western tourists remain wary of returning to a country that is still suffering from instability and growing religious tension.“ – THE TELEGRAPH

And we haven’t given up on you. We’re just going to go ahead and wait while you finish starting fires and putting your ousted leader on trial. Please, take your time.

Then again perhaps there’s a kind of tourist attraction to be found in an urban warzone. They say people are actually more likely to go somewhere they have to pay to get into. We could charge wealthy people to take tours of Chicago or Detroit. You know, support the local economy.

“The Coalition of the Revolution Youth will participate in the ‘Second Friday of Rage’ this Friday, as they feel that they have been marginalised, Al-Youm Al-Sabie website reported on Wednesday. Ahmed Doma, a member of the Coalition’s Executive Office, is critical of the Government for releasing the remnants of Mubarak’s regime, who spoilt political life in Egypt, while some political activists have been detained.

“Although the revolution erupted four months ago, the caretaker has not come up with a clear strategy to rule the country,” Doma told the news programme ‘Cairo Today’ on Tuesday night.

Doma added that revolutionary rebels do not feel that their demands have been met, so they are going to launch a second revolution in Al Tahrir Square on Friday.” – THE EGYPTIAN GAZETTE

Seriously, man, enough with the rage. You’re tapped out on the rage front. You got rid of a military-backed dictator in a relatively bloodless uprising. You won the political backing of the West. You’re going to have the first totally open elections in decades. What the fuck are you so enraged about?

At this point it’s like me demanding that the police chief be put on trial and executed because I got a parking ticket. Or running around a shopping mall with no pants on. Or both. But, that would be silly. And if I hadn’t been arrested for threatening a police official and indecent exposure I probably would have kept right on doing it. Power to the people!



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