Having grown up around more than a few politicians in my lifetime, I am in a unique position to know what they are really like as people. And I can tell you with the highest authority that, at the end of the day, they are all just fucking actors. Even the ones you like.

I’ve also known a few actors and I can see why they make good politicians. But, I don’t know that I would actually trust either to solve complex problems facing the entire nation. You might play a doctor on TV but I don’t want you operating on my heart.

“President Barack Obama told Republicans that there could be dire consequences of a failure to increase the U.S. debt limit, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Wednesday.

“The president made clear that he believes there is no margin here for in any way casting doubt on the possibility that the debt ceiling would be raised, that the effect of even suggesting that it won’t happen could be highly negative and could have dire consequences for our economy and the global economy,” Carney told reporters in a briefing.

Obama met Republicans from the House of Representatives at the White House, a day after they defeated their own bill to raise the U.S. debt limit. The vote was staged to strengthen their demand for huge cuts in federal spending.

The U.S. deficit is expected to reach $1.4 trillion this year. “ – REUTERS

The pictures of this closed-door meeting (below) were taken by Representative Darrell Issa (R) of California who then Twittered them to everyone on the planet.

When I see all of this effort put forth for nothing by the most powerful government in the world I don’t feel so bad. I don’t know what to do about all the debt I have either. I guess I could borrow more and go deeper into hock while I get my shit together. Or, I could stop spending as much money on the shit I don’t need. Ideally both. And why is that so hard? I’m a fucking trainwreck when it comes to money and yet I can understand this it’s so simple. We all can because we all deal with it every day in our own lives and we make it work somehow. Why the fuck can’t these people do it?

American politics is so heavily scripted that I’m sure this is all part of a larger narrative going into the 2012 elections. Think less of this as a room full of Republicans and a Democratic President looking to solve a problem. Rather, it’s a room full of Republicans trying to gauge how weak or strong this President and his agenda are going to be a year from now. And of course while that makes fascinating conversation at a party it has almost nothing to do with the reality that we, as a country, are broke. When you’re broke you don’t go to parties. Well, you do but you just don’t pay your electric bill that month or get little Timmy his eye operation.


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