I’m very forthright with my ignorance when it comes to money. As anyone who has read my rantings and ravings before will know, I view economics as a kind of black magic which is understood by a few, mastered by fewer and yet has power over us all. Kind of like the clitoris.

Still, there are some basic concepts which are universal and which even I can comprehend. One of them is paying your bills. Yeah, I don’t like it. Nobody does. But, if I provide a service I expect to get paid. Granted, when it comes to banks I have no idea what service is actually rendered. Further, as I’ve written before, banks are kind of the problem. Not the solution.

“European leaders are scrambling to save Greece from a debt default that could cause global economic turmoil, but the Greeks themselves seem in denial.

“The ordinary people don’t understand the seriousness of the situation…not only for Greece, but for the whole world economy,” said Jan Randolph, director of Sovereign Risk Analysis at IHS Global Insight.

Violent protests against austerity measures demanded in return for an international rescue worth billions of dollars have combined with political infighting and euro zone dithering to severely spook international markets.

No single element of society appears to have fully embraced the gravity of the situation, analysts say, and investors fear political wrangling and opposition to austerity measures could push the country into a messy default on its sovereign debt, which totals 340 billion euros ($480.8 billion).” – REUTERS

You’re right, Jan. We ordinary people don’t understand it. Economists do. So do mathematicians. And the folks at IHS Global Insight, whatever the fuck that is. But, they’re not ordinary people. Maybe instead of calling us stupid you should break it down for everyone. Go on, show us how smart you are. Sodomize us with your intelligence. Perhaps what you don’t understand is that ordinary people get pissed off when bankers and economists, who are supposed to understand money and how it works, get the rest of us into debt. We’re also pretty touchy about having to bail out you “experts” when you fuck up or just get greedy. Which kind of makes you wonder why anyone uses banks in the first place.

I have to admit that, in spirit, I’m with the Greek people on this one. Nobody likes bending over and taking it in the ass. Although given Greece’s ancient past perhaps those are some woods we shouldn’t go into. Lots of bears in those woods. Cubs too. At any rate, just like in America, the average person will end up footing the bill for all your math parties.

But, unlike in America, the Greeks don’t take this shit sitting down. As you can see they take to the streets and make their anger known. And from what it looks like, Greece’s only riot cop has had enough and is getting the hell out of there. And what exactly happens when a whole nation goes broke? Can the banks come and repo the entire country? Can all of Greece have a massive garage sale or bake sale? Does the IMF call everyone in Greece like 20 times a day and leave automated messages? Yeah, maybe the Greeks should take some responsibility for the actions of the people they elected to office. And maybe they should better scrutinize the actions of their financial leaders. Maybe instead of rampaging through the streets they should try to better understand how financial systems and institutions work.

And maybe they should do what Americans should have done a long, long time ago: stop giving these people their money.


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