So basically we’re inching closer and closer to the point where… something is going to happen. What? I don’t know. Something to do with numbers and money or the lack thereof. And China. The Chinese are definitely involved. Sounds like a goddamn Robert Ludlum novel. Of course a Ludlum novel would have a plot that you can follow. And a payoff. And tits. Lots of tits. Real life in Washington is just fucking incomprehensible. And no tits anywhere. Just asses.

And for some reason Eric Cantor looks like he’s about to anally rape John Boehner. Maybe they’re into that kind of thing. That’s cool. I mean it’s pretty disgusting but so are the things I do when I’m home alone so who am I to judge? Of course I wouldn’t have figured Cantor for a top. He looks like K.D. Lang. Although she’s pretty butch. So maybe he is too. Dammit, Cantor, no more smoke and mirrors. I want to see the real you.

“According to a CBS News Poll released Monday, 66 percent of Americans say an agreement to raise the amount of money the nation can borrow should include both spending cuts and tax increases.

And though the nation is divided on whether the debt ceiling should be raised at all, with 46 percent saying it should be raised and almost half-49 percent-saying it should not, more Americans favor an increase in the debt ceiling than one month ago. Almost a quarter of the country agreed the debt ceiling should be raised in June; that percentage increased by 22 percentage points in the new survey.” – CNN

Or, perhaps the reason both Cantor and Mr. Boehn look like they’re about to receive love enemas is because of what the rest of the poll had to say:

“Americans are unimpressed with their political leaders’ handling of the debt ceiling crisis, with a new CBS News poll showing a majority disapprove of all the involved parties’ conduct, but Republicans in Congress fare the worst, with just 21 percent backing their resistance to raising taxes.

Even half of the Republican respondents (51 percent) voiced disapproval of how members of their own party in Congress are handling the talks. Far fewer Democrats expressed disapproval of their own party’s handling (32 percent) or President Obama’s (22 percent) of the urgent quest to raise the nation’s debt limit ahead of a looming default on Aug. 2 if action isn’t taken.” – CBS

We’re going to tax the rich. Stop struggling and let it happen or you’ll just get hurt even worse. And stop acting like you don’t want it. You’re practically asking for it walking around all wealthy and influential like that. Maybe go somewhere else in your mind while it’s happening. You know, some kind of happy place. Afterward you can cry to your therapist or attend a support group. Just try and remember that you’re not a victim. You’re a survivor.



  1. July 19, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    Oh, you said the “R” word. You mean the “Job Creators”! 😉

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