You know you’re officially entering primary season when people start dropping out of the race. Of course, the actual voting hasn’t started yet. However, last week saw the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa which isn’t a primary election. It’s a sort of, well, a popularity contest where the people likely to vote in the Iowa Republican primary get together and kind of pick a candidate, although that might change when the actual election occurs. Or not. Fuck, man, I don’t know. All this dicking around is like foreplay: it does nothing for me and kind of makes me bored and unresponsive when the big moment does finally come around.

“Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty abandoned his bid for the GOP presidential nomination on Sunday after a disappointing finish in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa.

“We needed a boost from Ames that didn’t happen,” Pawlenty told staff on a conference call Sunday morning, CNN learned. Speaking to ABC’s “This Week,” Pawlenty said his campaign needed a lift in the straw poll.

“The pathway forward for me doesn’t really exist and so we’re going to end the campaign,” he said.

Pawlenty finished a distant third in the poll, behind Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Texas Rep. Ron Paul.” – CNN

Coming in a distant third to Ron Paul in anything has got to be a blow to someone’s self-esteem. Nobody likes to lose to the political equivalent of Pee Wee Herman. Then again Paul lost to Michele Bachmann which is like Bozo the Clown being upstaged by Cooky the Cook.

I’ve written about T-Paw here and here. His candidacy was doomed from the start, despite the nearly two years of money and preparation he’s put into Iowa. He’s a genuinely nice guy trying to be an asshole in a competition which rewards only the most genuine of assholes. But, that’s national politics for you. In fact, that’s politics in general throughout the history of mankind.

In a larger capacity, however, Pawlenty’s candidacy was indicative of the problem currently facing the GOP. The only way to win the primary is to pander to the angry, batshit crazy right wing of the party. Then, somehow, the winner will have to transform into a sane, rational and moderate sounding person without alienating the psycho peanuts who nominated them. Pawlenty probably could have done that. Well, the second part anyway.

And in typical fashion for political campaigns the same people who have been bashing and attacking Big Daddy Paw Paw have nothing but nice things to say about him now that he’s been proven ideologically impure and realistically unviable. But, that’s the way it goes. I do the same thing with old girlfriends and the belief that I can grow up to be anything I want.


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