Joe Biden is a pretty smart guy. He’s been around for a long, long time in an arena which is brutal and unforgiving. He’s also a pretty sharp dresser and for a man his age he still has a respectable head of hair.

He also has notorious diarrhea of the mouth. His lengthy political career is punctuated with harsh examples of his big mouth. And it’s not even that he curses a lot or insults people. It’s more a case of his brain being like alphabet soup and there’s no telling what complete and utter nonsense is going to end up on your spoon when you… um, you know, eat Joe Biden.

“In a public and personal show of support, Vice President Joe Biden told the Japanese people Tuesday that their resilience in the wake of an unprecedented natural disaster was an inspiration to the world.

In meetings in Tokyo and a visit to an area ravaged by the March earthquake and tsunami, Biden said that as an ally and friend, the United States would continue to do all it can in the nation’s time of need, because he knew “you would do the same.”

Biden then drove to a community center where an entire neighborhood now lives together in temporary housing. The vice president spent time with clusters of the residents one by one, alternately expressing his sympathy to and hamming it up with the delighted locals.

“You have a smile that lights up the whole parking lot!” he declared to an 89-year-old woman, whom he called “mother.”

“I want a hug,” Biden replied. “Would you come home with me?” – LOS ANGELES TIMES

What the fuck, man? Are you drunk? And who has the bright idea to send Joe Biden on a feel good PR trip in the first place? They don’t have better things for him to do? Send Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lopez. Keep Biden and his Gerontophilia in a bunker somewhere.

Secondly, I’m not entirely sure the Japanese would “do the same” for us. I’m not sure there are a whole lot of countries in the world who would try to help us right now. Certainly not the only country ever to suffer a nuclear attack at our hands.

You’d think that a career politician with as many years of experience as Biden would avoid a sound bite like that. Of course you’d also think that a career politician like Biden wouldn’t hand his enemies political ammunition like this:

“Vice President Joe Biden has been collecting rent from the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Biden spends many weekends and some week days at his Delaware home and the Secret Service travels with him. He also owns a cottage next door – and when the most recent tenant left, Biden offered it to his bodyguards.

The renting price is $2,200 a month. Biden says that’s the same rent as the previous tenant. The vice president has collected more than $13,000 in rent so far this year.” – ABC NEWS

You know, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with renting your property. Hell, I make my wife pay rent to live with me. But when it comes to the people whose job is to take a bullet for you I think I could cut some slack. Like, all of it.

You are supposed to pay the people protecting you and not the other way around. On the other hand, getting people to pay you to protect you means you have totally revolutionized the concept of economics. In which case Biden is a genius. And my advice is that they should pretty much run with that. It’s really all they have.



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