This has been a very trying morning for me so far. I already wrote out this entire goddamn post and then my computer crashed and I lost it. So, I’m basically writing this whole thing again from memory which, as flawless as mine is, is still fucking aggravating. I guess what really makes me mad is that it’s almost 11 AM on a Friday and not a beer has been opened nor an all-girl German fetish porno tugged to. Mein Penis ist böse!

Sigh. Okay, let’s try this again.

On September 13th the American Embassy in Afghanistan was attacked by Taliban-backed militants in a raid which I’m sure they thought was strategically brilliant. It turned out to be pretty moronic, actually, when the seven uneducated nimrods they sent to carry out this plan came up against a heavily fortified compound defended by some of the best trained special operations forces in the world. But hey, they get an A for… vandalism I guess. This isn’t a game of RISK, dudes. It’s not like you were going to take the American Embassy and hold it as part of a larger gambit to conquer Eurasia.

What became immediately apparent was that the attack was aided and possibly ordered by Pakistan. I’ve posted about them a number of times, most notably here, here and here. But, there’s really nothing more I can say except that they’re a bunch of evil bastards. Seriously, man, look at the picture of Pakistani Prime Minister Yousef Gilani and his buddies up there. They couldn’t look more stereotypically sinister and diabolical if they all had pointy moustaches and black bandit masks.

“There has never been much doubt in Washington that the shadowy Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) plays a “double game,” supporting some militants to extend its influence in Afghanistan and counter India, while targeting others.

But the gloves came off on Thursday when U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen bluntly described the Haqqani militant network as a “veritable arm” of the ISI and accused Pakistan of providing support for the group’s September 13 brazen attack on the U.S. embassy in Kabul.

It was the most serious allegation leveled by Washington against the nuclear-armed South Asian nation since they allied in the war on terror in 2001, and the first time it has held Islamabad responsible for an attack against the United States.” – REUTERS

Which brings me to this week’s edition of THE WEEKEND WORD. And today I think the word, as defined from my very own GREELOPEDIA, is perfectly relevant:


1. The act of receiving billions of dollars in financial aid from another country while plotting against them and helping their enemies (See also SAUDI ARABIA, EGYPT and IRAQ).

2. Pretending to be a modern power while actively working to drag an entire region kicking and screaming back to the fucking stone age (See also ANY COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST)

3. Blowing all your limited resources on a nuclear arsenal as a means of extorting money and aid from the international community (See also IRAN, NORTH KOREA, ISRAEL).

4. Letting known terrorist leaders and criminals hideout within walking distance of your largest and most prestigious military academy, then acting surprised when they are discovered and killed.

5. Sharing your military and nuclear technology with other nations committed to the destruction of the very people trying to help you (See JUST ABOUT EVERY COUNTRY OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES).

6. A word associated with the behavior of one who is untrustworthy or inherently bad or evil (see also HITLER, ADOLPH and THE KOCH BROTHERS).

7. The practice of deceiving others for one’s own personal gain (See also STALIN, JOSEPH and THE REPUBLICAN PARTY).”



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