Personally, I believe in peacekeeping missions. In theory. So much needless war and destruction could be avoided if the adults of this world kept all the children in line. Of course I also believe in a utopian future where beer is free and the phrases “Do I look fat”, “Let’s watch MAD ABOUT YOU”, “Why can’t my mother stay with us” and “No” are no longer part of a woman’s vocabulary. So, you know, yeah.

If you’re going to be in the business of keeping the peace in another country then it only benefits you to actually have the ability and the courage to act. I can tell the idiot next door that country music is bad for his brain and his wife is obese all I want. Unless I am willing and able to kick his door down, throw his fucking stereo out the window and force-lipo his wife then, frankly, I’m no use to anyone. Certainly not society.

“Ethnic Serbs in Kosovo have defied demands by Nato to remove roadblocks, amid tensions over control of border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo. Nato peacekeepers had given the minority Serbs until Tuesday to remove barricades set up at two crossings. But Nato troops sent to the area left without dismantling them in an apparent bid to give the Serbs more time.

The blockades were erected in July when the mainly ethnic Albanian government sought to seize the crossings. Last month, after a two-week stand-off with Nato-led peacekeepers, a deal was reached to allow Nato to control the crossings. But Tuesday’s deadline passed without the roadblocks of rocks, mud and logs being dismantled.

Peacekeepers from Nato’s Kosovo force, K-For, withdrew their convoy of trucks and armoured personnel carriers from one of the crossings, about 100km (60 miles) north of the capital, Pristina.

“We’ve been given orders to go back, as we cannot go through barricades,” a Nato commander in the field told Reuters news agency.” – BBC NEWS

Dude, seriously? Who the hell cares if you’re not allowed? Do it anyway. Get a tractor and push all that shit out of the way. Or use one of your goddamn armored personnel carriers. If the Serbs complain tell them to fuck off. If they get all violent then bomb the shit out of them. That’s how things get done, my friend. If the Serbs don’t want the hurt brought then they should stick to their pioneering work in the field of personal hygiene and leave the barricade building to the experts.

Not that I dig war and conflict. But, if you’re not willing to kick some ass and lay down the law then what the hell is the point of you being there? If you can’t put up a fight then you’re probably not going to be keeping any peace. Just picking up the pieces. Then again, foreign peacekeepers don’t exactly have a great track record in this part of the world:

“On 13 July 1995, Dutchbat troops witnessed definite signs that the Serb soldiers were murdering some of the Bosniak men who had been separated. For example, Corporal Vaasen saw two soldiers take a man behind the “White House”, heard a shot and saw the two soldiers reappear alone. Another Dutchbat officer saw Serb soldiers murder an unarmed man with a single gunshot to the head and heard gunshots 20–40 times an hour throughout the afternoon. When the Dutchbat soldiers told Colonel Joseph Kingori, a United Nations Military Observer (UNMO) in the Srebrenica area, that men were being taken behind the “White House” and not coming back, Colonel Kingori went to investigate. He heard gunshots as he approached, but was stopped by Serb soldiers before he could find out what was going on.– WIKIPEDIA

I haven’t seen anything this impotent since I worked in porn or watched that documentary about the Promise Keepers. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic and disgusting. What exactly happens when the Serbs start, you know, killing everyone in sight again? Tell the international community that you would have put a stop to it were it not for some logs and mud? Oh yeah, and rocks too. Rocks are a bitch, I know. Someone could really get hurt if you mess with rocks.

I suppose my view on this topic flies in the face of what we consider civilized. And there is always the principle that it’s not our job to police other countries. Well, you know, principles are cool I guess. So is sitting around being civilized while innocent life is being exterminated.

Actually, I take that back. That makes you a gutless asshole whom the bad guys of the world don’t fear or respect. Never mind.



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