Yesterday morning I had a sort of disagreement with my internet provider. I argued, quite eloquently if I may, that the existence or non-existence of money in my bank account should not impact my ability to pay someone by writing a check. They disagreed and although I clearly made a superior argument the fact remained that they still shut off my service. I just got it back up and running now thanks to my one good credit card and moderate grasp of conversational Bengali.

The headache of the experience got me thinking about something I had planned on posting about earlier this week. But, then, all hell broke loose when ousted Libyan dictator and 80’s fashion icon Momar Khaddaffi finally met his end:

“Libya’s ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has been killed after an assault on his birthplace of Sirte, officials say…

…After a day of conflicting reports and rumours, Mr Jibril told the news conference: “We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Muammar Gaddafi has been killed.”

Al-Jazeera TV broadcast footage it says showed Col Gaddafi’s body.

World leaders welcomed the news, urging the NTC to carry through its promise to reform the country.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who had taken a leading role in the Nato intervention, said it was “a day to remember all of Col Gaddafi’s victims”. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called it a “historic” moment, but warned: “The road ahead for Libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges.” – BBC NEWS

Ghaddafi has always been a favorite subject of mine. He was one of the last real bad guys in this world, a villain of true Blofeld-like proportions. And while there are still a few other A-list baddies on the scene, like Kim Jong-Il or Dick Cheney, global villainy has lost perhaps one of its most brazen and flamboyant characters. His influence on everything from history to pop culture to fashion cannot be marginalized or ignored. Just like my contribution to the gene pool.

But, he’s dead now. So fuck him. Which I know is pretty cold but I think, considering the shit he’s done, he met a pretty predictable and appropriate end. At any rate, this is just the first of two posts I’m doing today to catch up. So it’s kind of like Thursday and Friday rolled into one. Thriday. Fursday. Whatever.



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