I hope everyone had a nice Veteran’s Day weekend. Especially those of you who are vets. I personally think that veterans in this country get screwed over quite royally so I’m glad that you at least get a holiday. I know, it’s not a new leg or an end to the nightmares but it’s a start I guess.

And now it’s Monday morning again and most of us are back at work. Are you unhappy about that? You most likely are. And you’re not alone.

“The consulting firm RogenSi has been surveying workers all over the world for the past three years about their attitudes toward work. Their findings, based on 1,200 workers worldwide, are pretty bleak.

Take worker optimism. Although it’s up a bit from last year, the report finds that just 12 percent of employees worldwide feel optimistic. That could be because they don’t feel very inspired by their bosses. Only 14 percent said their leaders were inspirational. Very few said they felt like the bosses were creating a work environment they found motivational.

In general, people’s feelings about work seem to start with the prefix “un.” – MSNBC

In a related study, it was found that most people in prison don’t want to be there and most people with terminal illnesses wish they were healthy. Thanks, RogenSi, for this groundbreaking research. Only the conservative business mind would be surprised by this study. What’s more, it probably cannot fathom why such a thing is even relevant.

Feelings? Your average boss or middle-manager has no idea what those are. Their brains just don’t work that way. Unlike humans they go through the day looking at the world through the cold robotic lens of math and economics. Human traits like reason, instinct, compassion and empathy simply do not exist in the business DNA.

Of course you don’t have to wear a tie and run an office to be a complete and utter tool. Take, for example, this particular story (also on MSNBC) regarding Alabama’s new immigration laws and the farmers who relied on illegal labor to pick their crops. In particular, a cucumber farmer named Jerry Danford who says his business is now falling apart because of the new law.

“Danford talks about how many workers he needs to harvest all the cucumbers. Danford supplies a lot of the major pickle brand names you’d recognize. All those acres represent $20 million in retail pickle sales…

“People are not informed about what it takes to do these special crops. Now a lot of people aren’t interested. The lawmakers that passed this law, they didn’t come out here and interview people. If they had done their homework, they would have realized,” he says.

Danford is referring to the Republican lawmakers in Alabama who’ve passed the most severe immigration law in the United States. He’s angry at those Republicans for what he sees as a political move that has deeply affected his life on the farm.

Since the bill was signed into law this summer, Danford has watched many of the immigrant workers he relied on leave. He worries that none of them will return for the spring harvest, when a provision requiring that employers check the immigration status of workers will be in effect…

And here’s what makes his story particularly interesting: He voted for those lawmakers.

Danford is a lifelong Republican. He admits he did once vote for a Democrat for governor. But in every other race, at every level, he’s always been for the GOP. When I ask if he’s ever voted a Democrat into the White House he scoffs, making a face that says “you have to be kidding.”

Well, there’s your first problem, Jerry: You’re a fucking idiot. Let me guess, you get all fired up come election time for candidates looking to bomb Arabs or round up the gays. Maybe give the coloreds their own section of the bus like in the good ol’ days. But, low and behold, these same people are turning right around and screwing you and your business. Hopefully when you go bankrupt and lose your family farm and have to take a job at fucking Burger King to keep from going homeless you can keep your head high knowing that you prevented a man from sharing his pickle with another man.

Conservative social policies are usually in direct contradiction with conservative business policies. And guys like Jerry are the reason most of us would rather have our own fingers fed to us at gunpoint than go to fucking work every day. In Jerry’s world there is nothing wrong with hiring workers who have no legal status, or legal rights, and working them to death for pennies. It’s only a problem when he has to treat people like human beings and pay them accordingly. Yeah. Very inspiring, Jerry.

Of course the day will come when Jerry asks the government for a handout to keep his business from going under. It’s always these people who want a small, weak government who end up begging that very government for help at the expense of the rest of us. And when that day comes, well, I have a nice hairy cucumber of my own he can eat.



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