We’re in this weird void in time now between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays have already started as far I’m concerned. And yet it’s back to work for another three weeks or so before I can just sit around in my pajamas drinking eggnog all day. Actually, to be truthful, that’s what I did all day yesterday but only because the power was out. It seems that “bill” the electric company sends me every month is meant to be taken literally.

And I can say that life without power sucks. I know people survived for thousands of years without electricity but I’m not those people. Something else I’m not: Norwegian. Of course that wasn’t by choice or anything. But, if I was, then I might be able to somehow understand this:

“Self-confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is unlikely to be sent to jail after psychiatrists declared him to have been insane and suffering from paranoid schizophrenia when he killed 77 people in Norway this summer…

…it is a controversial prospect in a country still struggling to come to terms with the events of 22 July, when Breivik killed 77 people by bombing central Oslo and then gunning down dozens of people, mostly teenagers, at a summer camp of the ruling Labour party’s youth wing. “The most important thing for me is not to punish Breivik,” 20-year-old Bjørn Ihler, a survivor of the shootings on Utøya island, told Reuters. “What matters to me is that he no longer poses a threat to society…

…Breivik could legally be freed if declared healthy. “If he is not psychotic and does not pose a danger to society, then his sentence cannot be upheld,” prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh told the news conference.” – THE GUARDIAN

Well no shit he’s fucking crazy. You kind of have to be crazy to kill people let alone recreate the goddamn Normandy landings like this guy did. Why waste time and money trying to determine if the guy is nuts? I have no problem calling him insane and I even have no problem with him being held in a hospital instead of a prison but I can’t even fathom how you let the guy go free. Like, ever.

They should send this lunatic to the military and turn him into a lobotomized killing machine. And nobody would ever fuck with Norway again for fear that they would unleash this Aryan psychopath on their country. Not that anyone really fucks with Norway now. I think Sweden does. I don’t know.

And he’s certainly unassuming. He looks like a 90’s daytime soap opera star or an extra from DIE HARD. I mean he’s scary and all but I would still probably buy whatever furniture polish or cologne he was selling. Of course having the words “killed 77 people” on your resume is going to make life outside of the asylum very difficult. That kind of thing is never the chick bait you think it’s going to be. Should he ever actually get out he should buy another gun because I can think of at least 77 reasons he would need to defend himself.



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