I’m a believer in the idea that a nation’s people and its government need to be treated differently. I’m also a believer that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should stay away from cameras because he looks like a complete and utter retard. But, I digress… or do I? Iran is in the news twice this week, most notably for things which technically happened last week. Specifically, the apparent downing of a top secret American aerial drone and the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran by a mob of protesters.

“Amid the mayhem when the British embassy in Tehran was stormed last Tuesday, a mob destroyed antique oil portraits of Queen Victoria and Edward VII, made off with a poster from the film, Pulp Fiction, but narrowly missed dog-napping the ambassador’s terrier, Pumpkin.

However, the Basij commanders and Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) officers said by western diplomats to be in the crowd, must have thought they had hit the jackpot when the raiders came across embassy documents in the ambassador’s office marked “most secret” in red ink, giving details of a gigantic invasion plan.

The intelligence coup is diminished however by the fact that the plan in question was an advance peek at Operation Overlord, the D-Day landings, which Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt provided to Stalin at the 1943 Tehran conference, where the western powers agreed to accept the Soviet domination of eastern Europe.“ – THE GUARDIAN

The really sad thing about Iran is that it could actually be a really cool country. Talk to anyone from Iran and they’ll likely tell you that Iran, in many ways, is a modern country with a large segment of the population that shares many Western ideals. It’s the Iranian government and, more importantly, the Mullahs who run it who are driving that country right into the shitter. Of course I’m sure the fucking Queen isn’t all that happy to know she was sharing wall space in the British embassy with Quentin Tarantino.

Iran’s pursuit of nuclear technology would be a lot harder to stop if their jackass leaders weren’t on TV every day denying the Holocaust and openly declaring their intent to attack other countries. And blowing shit up in Iraq. And funding groups like Hezbollah. And doing whatever the hell it is Ahmadinejad is doing in that picture.

And considering that their intelligence services thought they had scored big time when they found plans of a British invasion of fucking France, it’s no wonder that American and Israeli intelligence agencies are kicking their asses. Or at least they were

“A U.S. stealth drone that crashed in Iran last week was part of a CIA reconnaissance mission which involved both the intelligence community and military personnel stationed in Afghanistan, two U.S. officials confirmed to CNN Tuesday…

…U.S. officials are discounting the Iranian claim that they shot the drone down. The United States continues to say the crew of the UAV lost flight control and the drone then entered Iranian airspace.

A U.S. official with knowledge of the incident said Sunday the drone’s mission was to fly over Afghanistan. American officials over the years have been adamant that U.S. assets do not fly over Iranian air space.” – CNN

Wow. Iran might learn how to build a goddamn radio controlled airplane. I’m sure they were clueless about our magical flight technology until now. And even though I’m sure there’s a sizeable amount to learn from the thing I doubt that these fucking balloon heads are ever going to find it.

Or perhaps somehow, just somehow, 70-year-old military plans and a really expensive Gobot might give the Iranians some kind of advantage in a brewing conflict with us. And why not? I’m an optimist. Hell, maybe they should storm the French embassy and get a sneak peek at Napoleon’s planned invasion of Prussia. My god, they’ll be unstoppable.


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