So it’s 2012. I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve like I did. And now, with the holidays behind us, we can once again get back to work. This is going to be a big year, climaxing with a Presidential election. And something about the end of the world on December 21st. I’ll have to keep you updated on that as well.

Admittedly, I found myself at something of a crossroads with regard to MagnusGreel.com (also MagnusGreel.org, MagnusGreel.info and MagnusGreel.net – yeah I have nothing better to do with my money than spend it on fucking domain names). I began to worry that I had started repeating myself and had stopped saying anything new. Granted, my posts are as new as the news itself because that’s where the bulk of my material comes from.

Then, on New Year’s Day, I opened my email inbox to find a little unexpected gift from the people at WordPress. A new feature here is a complete year-end summary of my site stats. And it’s incredibly detailed. Even more so than Google Ads. There is all kinds of information on where my blog posts are being reposted, who is referring traffic to my site, etc. And then there was this little nugget about the most commonly used search terms which brought traffic here:

“Some visitors came searching, mostly for spiders, halle berry ass, waitress, orthodox jewish women, and magnus greel.”

I’m glad to see I share the same interest group as Halle Berry’s ass. Not so much the spiders and the Orthodox Jewish women. Of course at this point just about any search term involving “waitress” and “fucking” will inevitably bring you to what is still my most popular blog post ever.

However, the part that really got me excited was the detailed breakdown of my readers and the countries they are from. And keep in mind these are regular readers who visited this site at least once a week throughout 2011. There are plenty other irregular readers as well but WordPress didn’t give me any hard numbers on them. Still, like irregular bowel movements, the habits of irregular readers can be fixed with strong coffee and lots of fiber. Perhaps some stool softener.

At any rate you are Magnus Greel and this is where you live:

The United States – 194

South Africa – 88

Australia – 74

Brazil – 56

United Kingdom – 32

Pakistan – 29

New Zealand – 25

Argentina – 18

India – 18

Israel – 16

Canada – 8

Chile – 8

Ireland – 7

Ecuador – 6

Malaysia – 5

Philippines – 5

Columbia – 4

Netherlands – 4

Portugal – 4

Saudia Arabia – 4

Sweden – 4

Egypt – 3

Thailand – 3

New Caledonia – 2

Dominican Republic – 1

Kenya – 1

Mexico – 1

Puerto Rico – 1

Senegal – 1

Sudan – 1

Pardon me for saying so but this is fucking awesome! Seriously, seeing this got me fired up in a way I haven’t been before. I write this blog for my own reasons but knowing that you are out there gives me a rush. Granted, I’m sure some of you hate my guts and return here regularly just to get pissed off. But, hey, love means nothing without hate. I actually have that tattooed on my penis.


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