I’m really glad I was alive during the Clinton Administration. I campaigned for him my freshman year of college. For anyone who had lived through eight years of Ronald “Raygun” Reagan and then four years of Bush (not that one, the other one) he was a breath of fresh air. Unless you were conservative or religious or just downright crazy in which case you probably hated him. In which case you probably don’t even read this. So I guess it’s kind of a moot point.

Conservatives, however, are particularly vocal in their dislike for Clinton after he took that picture up there last week. And now they are trying to use it as mud in the upcoming Presidential election in which Bill will probably play a big role in campaigning for Obama. What’s all the fuss about? You guessed it. Vaginas.

“Porn actresses Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign posed for a photo with Clinton at a gala fundraiser in Monaco this week, TMZ first reported.

Lee and Reign told TMZ on Thursday that they approached Clinton in the hopes of meeting him and having their photo taken with him. When Secret Service agents repelled their starstruck advances, Clinton then told the agents to call the actresses back, posing for a photo and engaging in brief small talk…

…“It was brief–he’s really, really sweet. I just told him that I loved him, I thought he was a great president, and he just kind of winked and smiled and gave us hugs,” Lee said, describing Clinton as “very sweet and cool about the whole thing.”

The two were uncertain, but hopeful, that Clinton knew who they were–or at least their occupation.

“I kind of feel like he knows,” Lee said. “We hope he likes us and we hope he likes to watch our movies.” Reign concurred: “I have a feeling that everyone watches adult entertainment.” – ABC NEWS

Firstly, yes, everyone likes to watch other people have sex be it on film or through a series of tiny cameras placed in the bedrooms of cheap hotel rooms. Normal people like sex and they don’t cower in fear of it. Some of us like it a little too much. But, frankly, “sex addiction” is like telling someone they breathe too much air or drink too much water.

What the right has yet to learn about Bill is that this line of attack will never work on him. The only people bothered by this would never vote for Obama anyway. Those of us who are already voting Democratic don’t really care. And my guess is that it’s nothing more than a tired chuckle to the middle of the electorate. Personally, the more they try to show me Clinton’s immorality the more I’ve come to love the guy. I think it’s awesome he got a blowjob in the Oval Office. Hell, I’m happy for any married guy with a mouth on his penis. And I want the Commander in Chief of the world’s most powerful military getting laid. Like, a lot.

The fact is that Bill is a player. No, he’s the player. The guy is a total pimp. He’s the closest thing to James Bond that there is in the real world with a License to Bill, if you will. And he makes no illusions about who he is or what turns him on. He ruled the goddamn world for 8 years and nobody can touch him. I can’t even begin to dream about that kind of confidence. If I were in his place I would just punch the first person I see every time I walk into a room. Shit, what are they gonna’ do about it?



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  2. May 29, 2012 at 10:35 AM

    Yeah. They’re all upset about this, but when it came to one of their leading presidential candidates taking a picture (and money from) the neo-nazi, white supremacist leader of Stormfront? (http://www.irregulartimes.com/ronpauldonblack.jpg) Nary a word. Fuck those fucks.

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