Being a stay-at-home dad for two boys (who can both pretty much walk and swear now) who also works nights and weekends doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. Or, you know, whatever the hell it is you call this. Magnus Greel, however, is never far from my mind. There’s just something inherent that drives me to make bizarre political observations and dick jokes.

I can’t go very long without letting him out of his cage for fear that, one day, he’ll break out. And I knew I was going to have to say something about the ruling on Obamacare handed down by the Supreme Court this week. So before I head off to the salt mines (seriously, that’s where I work) I’m going to write a little about politics. And my cock.

“In a 5-4 ruling, the court decided the individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance was valid as a tax, even though it was impermissible under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause.

The most anticipated Supreme Court ruling in years allows the government to continue implementing the health care law, which doesn’t take full effect until 2014. That means popular provisions that prohibit insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and allow parents to keep their children on family policies to the age of 26 will continue.

However, Republican opponents of the law’s expansion of government vowed to continue fighting to repeal it, with certain presidential nominee Mitt Romney saying that defeating Obama in November is the only way to meet that goal.” – CNN

You can read the entire bill here. I have. And right off the bat I found myself wondering about the mentality of people who would so vehemently oppose something called the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. What’s more they’ve made “repealing and replacing” it the centerpiece of their campaign. What in the hell are you going to replace it with? The “Fuck Patients and Unaffordable Care Act”? What exactly is the opposite of helping everyone get the healthcare they need without going broke? Somebody explain it to me, seriously.

Of course the reason nobody ever does is because there is nothing to explain. There is no alternative plan or argument. I think you just have to break it down to see who profits from keeping things the way they are. That would be your insurance company. And their business model is strikingly simple: they charge you money every month and then do everything they possibly can to avoid covering your medical costs. That’s fucking ingenious.

Conservatives are out in force now screaming about the government mandating people buy health insurance. Yet, aren’t these the same people who literally cheered at the prospect of someone without health insurance being left to die? If you’re so pissed off about people not having insurance then wouldn’t you want to mandate that they get it? I suppose if George Bush had done this you would have all patted him on the back and grabbed his dick for him (sorry, I really can’t help it).

And in the end, the fucking insurance companies still get your money. So to be honest I really don’t see what they’re all upset about. Forcing people to buy your product is like a capitalist’s dream. But, hey, I’m nothing if not cynical and twisted. I have a feeling that one day soon terms like “insurance” and “healthcare” will be used to describe society before it fell apart and we started using terms like “fiefdom” and “dark magic”.



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