Being from Chicago I am very well aware of who Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr. are. One might say painfully aware. I myself would actually say “madness inducingly” aware. Alas that would probably cut a little close to real life seeing as how the latest news is that Jackson Jr., who is a Congressman, has gone a bit off the deep end and has not been seen in public for a month.

At first, Jackson’s people said he was being hospitalized for “exhaustion”. I’m not sure how tired you have to be to be put in a hospital or if they would just laugh at you in the ER. And how do they treat it? A nap and a cup of coffee? Amphetamines? I don’t know. But nobody was buying what the Jackson camp was selling. So, now, they’ve rolled out this metaphorical bolognas sandwich:

“Last week’s announcement by the veteran congressman’s staff that Jackson is being treated for an unspecified “mood disorder” by an unnamed doctor, after more than a month off the job, is the latest in a downward spiral for a politician whose name once was bandied about for mayor and even senator.

The lack of details continued the lockdown approach his camp has taken toward his condition: Aides didn’t announce Jackson had taken a medical leave from Congress until more than two weeks after it began June 10. Even the congressman’s publicity-seeking father, theRev. Jesse Jackson, has tried to duck reporters.

One of the congressman’s staunchest defenders is Roland Burris, who got the controversial Blagojevich appointment to the Senate in a scandal that cost the governor his job and his freedom. Also tarnished was Rep. Jackson, who had so desperately coveted the seat previously held by President Barack Obama that it ensnarled him in an ongoing House ethics investigation.” – THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Dude, seriously? “Exhaustion” and “mood disorders” are what movie stars and musicians suffer from after they do a bunch of blow and stay up for three days banging hookers. Don’t give us this crap. And the fact that Jackson Sr. is dodging the press is a sure sign there’s more to this story. A larger media whore I have not yet seen in my lifetime. Okay, maybe the Pope or the fucking trailer trash chick who founded MADD take that prize. But he’s definitely up there.

And what’s more, “mood disorder” is vague and misleading. Pregnant women have mood disorders. So do serial killers. So did Stalin. Hell, after a few martinis I develop the mother of all mood disorders. So, I don’t really know what the fuck that means. And when you’re trying to spin a story in the press the last thing you want are imaginations running wild. And this being politics, which is a contact sport in its own right, you should probably not be handing your enemies a bigger stick to whack you over the head with.

I have every respect for the things the Jacksons have done and stand for. But, frankly, on an individual level I just don’t like either of them. Jackson Sr. is a bombastic  narcissist with a penchant for banging white women on the side. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Jackson Jr. is an entitled little prick with an equally endless hunger for the other white meat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either. I mean, hell, if these character flaws were crimes then I’d be in jail alongside them. And I’d probably be in there a lot longer than they would.

Man, now that I think about it, maybe I should run for Congress.



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