A couple of weeks ago, during a piece on Bashar Assad I mentioned that I only really hate ten people. Yes, there are plenty of people I don’t like and/or just don’t agree with. But, only ten people can I actually claim to utterly and completely hate. Often to the point of harming my own mental health.

Following that story I got plenty of inquiries from friends and readers wanting to know who else is on this list. And so I thought it would make a funny series to do. So, without further ado, I give you the MAGNUS GREEL MOST HATED TOP TEN LIST. Today, we begin with #10: a man named George W. Bush.

To me, Bush was more than just another face in the White House. He was more than just another rich guy using the government to make his friends richer. He was more than just another saber rattling idiot. Guys like Reagan and Bush Sr, well, they were just kind of there. I have no visceral feelings about them one way or the other. My ideological opposition not withstanding, I never found myself hating those guys. The moment they left office they left my mind too. I just don’t think about them. Ever.

Little Bush was different. He was more than just a candidate from the other side. He was more than just another Republican. He was, and is, the physical embodiment of everything that is wrong with America and humanity in general. Deeply religious. Not very bright. Warmongering. Paranoid. Xenophobic. Assumes his ignorance is some kind of purity. Uses words like “capitalism” and “deregulation” and “privatize” but really has no understanding of what those things are. In this sense Bush was perhaps the perfect reflection of the American conservative. It’s why he appealed so strongly to such a swath of American voters. And because he was so perfect a reflection, in the end, it’s why those same people soured on him. Looking in the mirror is extremely hard for some. And little Bush, well, even as he left office he provided himself as one last scapegoat for their own personal failings. How touching.

For eight years he was my personal tormentor. Every fucking word he spoke. Every fucking picture he took. Every fucking person he appointed was a direct attack at both my mind and my passions. It was almost as if the guy went out of his way to defy sanity and reason and decency. I still have a mind to sue the guy for mental duress and damages. That the issue of state-sponsored torture would become so prevalent during this asshole’s administration was the ultimate irony.

I would often stare, totally baffled, at people who seemed unconcerned by him or even liked him. So often the response to my criticisms was “Come on, he’s a good guy.” No. He’s not a good guy. I just couldn’t understand why so many people couldn’t see that he was, in effect, the political equivalent of Ed Gein.

Obviously, to some extent, that was the point. By putting the class clown front-and-center it gave cover to the vile and the reprehensible, the wealthy and the entitled and above all to the bigoted and the superstitious. As we knew all along, they were the ones making the decisions and profiting from it. Bush just gave the orders and signed his name to things. And he laughed about it.

The country, of course, eventually got wise to his act. By the time he left office he had the lowest approval rating of any President in our lifetime. But, for all those people who only came to this conclusion after they elected and then re-elected him to office, well, fuck you. Most of you are lining up now to try and elect a cult leader for President. So you haven’t really learned anything.



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