John Boehner

When credit card companies or whatever call me to ask why I haven’t paid my bill I wish I could just give them some long-winded crap about how I’m trying to reach a compromise with other parties and come to a common sense solution. And then tell them that I appreciate their concern and feel their pain but I have to stick to my principles regardless of the political consequences. Well, in all honesty, I have done that. But, I’m making a point so whatever.

The reality is I’m pretty powerless against corporations and large business entities. Especially when they feel that I owe them something. And they’re entitled to their opinions I guess. Hell, everyone’s entitled to an opinion no matter how devoid of reality it may be. It’s what makes America pretty awesome.

“House Speaker John Boehner told rank-and-file Republicans that they should consider a “Plan B” on how to avert automatic tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff.

House leadership sources say the option would be for the chamber to pass a plan letting top tax rates increase on income over $1 million only.” – THE ATLANTIC

As with most delusional people they can actually sound quite sane at first. For example I think this “Plan B” is pretty palatable. People making just less than a million a year are still wealthy by any measure. But, they’re still bottom feeders in a fish tank gobbling up whatever shit is left over from the bigger fish swimming around above them. So, I’d be cool with letting them go on this one. But don’t take the corks off the forks just yet.

“But Boehner added: “The White House just can’t seem to bring itself to agree to a ‘balanced’ approach, and time is running short. Taxes are going up on everyone on Jan. 1. They’re baked into current law. And we have to stop whatever tax rate increases we can.”

Few details were provided on what the House would do on other items, such as the scheduled billions of dollars of cuts to defense and domestic programs known as the sequester. One House Republican source said that the chamber would seek to push those into next year, and freeze some other programs into the new year.

“We’re going to keep the door open in hopes the president can find a way to support a balanced approach,” he told members.”

You know, I may not be good at math. In fact I’m terrible at it. To me math is like trying to decipher ancient cave paintings or the lyrics to a SIGUR RÓS song. But, here is one equation I do understand: The Republicans pretty much got beat in this last election. They saw their majority shrink in The House. They didn’t retake the senate or the White House. And Americans more or less said “no” to most of their platform.

That being the case, I’m thinking that the definition of a “balanced approach” in this case is one in which the people who did win in November get pretty much everything they want. And if Republicans are lucky they’ll get thrown a bone. Like, you know, we’ll pay some lip service to abstinence in sex education or build more tanks or something. This idea that you’re still half the equation derives from some kind of conservative math that I just don’t understand. Like, for example, the kind they were using to predict that Mitt Romney! would win in a landslide. Or at all.

The rich need to pay more taxes. And none of the arguments to the contrary make any fucking sense. And Mr. Boehn himself seems to think he’s still carrying a big stick politically when it’s actually more of a small tree branch. But, I suppose if everybody in government did things that made sense and weren’t crazy I wouldn’t have a whole lot to write about.



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