Karzai For You

I apologize for this site being dead for so long. Well, not dead. It was more like a fat guy passed out under the stairs from a night of heavy drinking. Not that I’ve been drunk for like two weeks straight or anything. Nor would drinking keep me from blogging. And I’m actually not fat, I work out pretty regularly. Fuck, what was I talking about? Oh yeah.

At any rate I’m looking at ways to post more regularly and also more than once a day. Working and parenting, of course, are like gremlins on a ship at sea which try to sink the damn thing before it gets to port. Still, I keep soldiering on. And once again I’d like to thank all the lonely dog owners and Cesar Millan nuts out there who keep my traffic up by putting nasty comments on a post I did, like, six months ago. You guys complete me.

So anyway, back to business. I’ve been watching with increasing amusement the attempts of Afghan President Hamid “Dirty Finger” Karzai to not die at the hands of his own people. And this is no small feat either considering that NATO is kind of tired of him and his country and is getting ready to leave. And there’s nobody between him and several million heavily armed lunatics except for some of those very same heavily armed lunatics. And for some odd reason he seems to want to speed up the process of having nobody competent around to protect him.

“The Afghan president has ordered US special forces to leave Wardak province within two weeks. The decision was being taken due to allegations of disappearances and torture by Afghans considered to be part of US special forces, said a spokesman for Hamid Karzai. The strategically significant, central province of Wardak has been the recent focus of counter-insurgency operations…

…The accountability of US forces and local militia working with them has been a growing source of friction in Afghan-US relations.

A week ago, Mr Karzai banned Afghan forces from calling in foreign air strikes on residential areas, following the deaths of 10 civilians in a night raid in eastern Kunar province. Mr Karzai gave a blunt statement for the reasons for the ban.

“Our forces ask for air support from foreigners and children get killed in an air strike,” he said.

The argument over accountability comes against a backdrop of long-term negotiations over which foreign forces will remain in Afghanistan after Nato’s exit in 2014. The bulk of Nato’s 100,000 troops are due to leave by the end of that year.” – BBC NEWS

I guess my first reaction to this story is “Cool. Fuck you anyway.” Fine. Kick us out. We don’t want to be in your fucking stone age toilet of a country anyway. And if you don’t want the best soldiers in the world protecting you and your inept government then, hey, so much the better. Here’s some guns and some bullets and a Kevlar vest. Good luck, asshole. And something tells me that there will still be plenty of explosions, murders and disappearances after we leave. Call it a hunch.

The sad truth though is that this guy is probably going to die the moment we’re gone. Well, I don’t how sad that is. I mean I’m pretty indifferent myself. But, if I had as many people trying to kill me as this guy does I’d sleep with a machine gun. And once we do leave this dipshit is going to have to deal with an entire country full of illiterate, shit-eating cave dwellers who hate the West. So he probably figures the less pro-American he looks the better. But, something tells me that won’t stop some yahoo from the mountains driving a motorcycle packed with explosives into his palace. Just like me walking into a country/western bar wearing a ten gallon hat and saying “Howdy”, “Yee haw” and “Fuckin’ blacks” would not make all the hicks inside suddenly like me.


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