GOP Corpse

Unlike many people on the left I stopped doing victory laps over the 2012 elections quite a while ago. I celebrated, don’t get me wrong. And then I celebrated some more. But, I quickly started looking to the next election cycle. There is a simple truism in politics: there is no definitive election, only the next election. And sometimes I get a little nervous that Democrats and Progressives are still making fun of Mitt Romney! and not gearing up for the next fight.

Republicans are looking ahead to the next battle. Granted, they don’t have a whole lot of positive stuff to dwell on right now. Hope is kind of all they have. And they recently spent millions and millions of dollars to perform an “autopsy” of what went wrong and why in 2012. I could have accomplished this with fifty cents and a chalkboard but, hey, if they want to pointlessly blow their wads then so be it. I actually have a t-shirt that says that.

“An internal review of the Republican Party released Monday concluded that the GOP must reach out to young, minority and women voters to change its current image as the “narrow minded” party of “stuffy old men.”

In the wake of the Republican Party’s election losses in 2012, the Republican National Committee’s “Growth and Opportunity Project” heard from roughly 50,000 people both inside and outside the Beltway about how to put the party back on a winning track.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus unveiled the report on Monday in a speech that called the 2012 election a “wakeup call.”

The 97-page report also recommend that the GOP champion low-income Americans and do a better job of “connecting people to our policies” rather than sounding “like bookkeepers.”

According to the report, focus groups of former Republicans in Ohio and Iowa found that the Republican Party is seen as “scary,” “narrow minded,” “out of touch” and made up of “stuffy old men.”

“The perception, revealed in polling, that the GOP does not care about people is doing great harm to the Party and its candidates on the federal level, especially in presidential years,” the report said. “It is a major deficiency that must be addressed.” – NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Reince Priebus, which sounds like some kind of anus disorder, has probably the least desirable job in the world right now. And frankly every four years for the last two decades the Republican Party has “autopsied” itself only to find that they suck and suck hard. And then they don’t really do anything different. And they keep on sucking. Round and round and round yet again.

Frankly, this idea that the party can change in any meaningful way is a dead end. I’m sure they feel better by telling themselves that the problem is merely an optical one. And not, you know, the fact that they’re crazy. Or wrong. And as a fairly liberal guy I probably just sound like I’m gloating or something but then you see something like this and you realize that, yeah, Republicans are pretty much fucked for the foreseeable future.

“A CPAC session sponsored by Tea Party Patriots and billed as a primer on teaching activists how to court black voters devolved into a shouting match as some attendees demanded justice for white voters and others shouted down a black woman who reacted in horror.

The session, entitled “Trump The Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?” was led by K. Carl Smith, a black conservative who mostly urged attendees to deflect racism charges by calling themselves “Frederick Douglass Republicans.” – TALKING POINTS MEMO

Jesus, man. Really? Well, shit, I often get mad because people accuse me of being drunk when I quite clearly am. Or if they accuse me of being a pervert because I stand naked in my living room window watching college girls go by. Or that I’m dumb because I spell something wrong. Whatever. I could go on all day. The point is that the Republican Party is composed mostly of billionaires and not-very-bright white guys from… Alabama or something. I really don’t know anymore. But the party cannot change without destroying itself and a simple makeover isn’t going to help. In the end, nobody is going to want to live in your neighborhood while there are pickup trucks parked on the lawn and fat women walking around wearing crop tops.



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