My Michele


I’m so full of feelings right now and they’re all just going crazy inside of me. Everything is just happening so fast I don’t know where to start.

Needless to say I heard it from a friend. Who heard it from a friend. Who heard it from the “politics” section of every major news outlet on the planet. It’s over. We’re over. And to my horror I had to hear it from someone else. Everyone else. Literally. I may very well be the last person in the world who found out you won’t be running for reelection. How could I have been so blind? So foolish?

I suppose it’s no real surprise. I can’t pretend that we haven’t just been going through the motions these last few months. Maybe even a year or two now. Who knows. A love like ours was just never meant to last. So strong. So profound. So delusional. When the light burns twice as bright it burns half as long.

In many ways I am happy. We both know Congress was no good for you anyway. He’s a bastard and he’s ungrateful. To think of you being free now on the wooded frontier of Minnesota brings warmth to my heart. Perhaps it is there that you will truly find yourself and discover happiness. When I see the sun setting I will know that you watched the same sunset two hours earlier.

I know that in the coming days and even years we will still cross paths. We are two of a kind. Just different. And society’s chains will never be able to shackle us. Nevertheless, we will be expected to perform our duties with dignity and honor. I in my obscure rantings and you on Fox News or QVC. We will both have to fight the temptation to reignite our old passions or it will become an inferno that will consume us.

Ssssh. Don’t speak, my love.

Just, maybe, think of me once in a while.



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