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Brewer Power

One of my favorite episodes of SEINFELD involves Jerry dating a woman who is a “two face”. Depending upon the lighting she could appear either incredibly beautiful or nauseatingly ugly. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, on the other hand, is a “one face” in that no matter what the lighting she looks like a goblin wearing a corpse’s vagina as a mask. Of course making fun of her appearance is easy. Then again, making fun of her fragile mental state, bizarre views on economics and law or her willingness to appeal to the most idiotic corners of American society isn’t exactly a challenge. In fact I’m finding that the whole Jan Brewer package is one giant road apple.

“Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer tells CNN she will make her decision in the “near future” about whether to sign or veto a bill that supporters say promotes religious freedom and opponents call discriminatory against gays and lesbians.

“I can assure you, as always, I will do the right thing for the state of Arizona,” Brewer told CNN in an exclusive interview at the site of the National Governors Association meeting in Washington.

…The measure would allow Arizona business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers as long as they assert their religious beliefs.“I’m going to go home, and when I receive the bill, I’m going to read it and I’m going to be briefed on it. We have been following it. And I will make my decision in the near future,” Brewer told CNN.” – CNN

Seriously, lady, everyone else in the goddamn world has read and been briefed on this bill. You’re either full of shit or totally incompetent. And I can go either way. I’m pretty open-minded in that regard. Unlike some of the people in your state who have nothing better to do with their time than to dwell on two chicks kissing. Well, I’ll admit I spend a lot of time dwelling on that too but that’s different. Trust me.

As I’ve written before the forces of Big Stupid have been hard at work since the 2012 election trying to find a new approach to legitimizing ignorance. The idea that ignorance is a genuine religious belief and should somehow be tolerated or respected is dangerous. Ignorance in general is dangerous. There are people in certain parts of the world who genuinely believe that you can cure AIDS by raping an underage girl or that you have a right to chuck a bottle of acid in a woman’s face if she refuses to go out with you. And, if Brewer genuinely wants to do what is best for her state then she should take a hard look at what happens when you legally recognize fucking idiots and the things they believe in.

“Several European nations said Tuesday they were suspending assistance to Uganda, a day after the country’s president signed a law that could see some homosexuals jailed for life.

Norway, Netherlands and Denmark said they would withhold aid to the Ugandan government in protest against the “draconian law.”…

…An official at the Norwegian embassy in Kampala said that the measure would immediately affect at least $8 million in aid to Uganda’s legal system. Norway extends more than $64 million to Uganda every year. The bulk of western aid has been going directly to the Ugandan government, which would then earmark it for spending in different departments—notably, health, education and the military.

The Netherlands and Denmark said they would redirect nearly $20 million of aid to Ugandan-based private aid agencies and rights groups. The U.S. and Canada, some of the Uganda’s largest donors, said they had started reviewing their relationship with Kampala.

The diplomatic moves represented the first fallout of Uganda’s controversial antigay bill. Although the bill is politically popular in Uganda, it could cost the government of President Yoweri Museveni. Western donors give up to $2 billion in aid to the country.” – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Yeah. This is where you want to be when your state or country relies on the economic input of others. I’m sure there are Arizonians and Ugandans who are crying discrimination (or just plain crying) over the stark reality that choosing to be stupid has consequences. There’s a part of me that wants to join in the boycott of places like Arizona or Uganda. But, the truth is you can’t really boycott a backwards hellhole you were never going to visit in the first place.