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Are You There God? It’s Me, Debbie.

The Wasserschmidt

There is a scene in the film DEADPOOL in which the title character finds himself captured by a mutant named Colossus. Deadpool can heal. So fast that it’s impossible to kill him. But Colossus is a man who can turn into steel and, in doing so, becomes virtually indestructible. He takes Deadpool by the hand and leads him away. Deadpool responds by sawing his own hand off, spraying blood across Colossus’ face and looking into the camera to say “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.”

The joke has little to do with the actual Judy Blume book ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT’S ME, MARGARET. Except, perhaps, for the splattering period blood reference. Which I suppose you could make funny without the reference to a 45 year old book. Some jokes are just timeless that way. Like the one about the ugly but rich girl who takes a bad rap for her best friend, an admittedly no better looking, equally rich yet way more popular girl (I’m so over hyphens at this point) and ends up suffering for it.

“Even after a humiliating defenestration that left her sidelined the day before the Democratic convention began — the convention that she had helped plan for the candidate she had worked so loyally and doggedly to nominate — Debbie Wasserman Schultz would not be denied her moment.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz, who resigned as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday after an embarrassing email leak, nevertheless kept a full schedule, attending caucus meetings and delegation gatherings and meeting with Jewish Democrats. On Thursday night, she wore a bright blue sleeveless dress with a big “H” button affixed to it. And when Mrs. Clinton took the stage, Ms. Wasserman Schultz beamed, looking anything but self-pitying.

Yet this has not been the week Ms. Wasserman Schultz had hoped she would have in Philadelphia. It began with the leak of emails from the Democratic National Committee’s servers that showed her staff taking Mrs. Clinton’s side in her drawn-out primary fight with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a disclosure that enraged Mr. Sanders’s already disgruntled supporters.

Still, Ms. Wasserman Schultz tried to press ahead.” The New York Times

Yeah, this isn’t the joke I remember. The one I was going to tell ended with this Schultz person walking barefoot across a bunch of snot covered thumbtacks. Or there’s another version where she has a car door and is about to walk across the desert. I definitely haven’t heard the version where she rigs an election and then just sort of goes on with her life driving the Magic School Bus. Or whatever the hell it is she does.

And no shit she “tried to press ahead”. I often try to “press ahead”. Especially when where I’m standing is somewhere I don’t want to be. Now that I think about it I “press ahead” on a daily basis. Almost hourly. One time, when I was doing like 100 miles an hour through somebody else’s neighborhood, a cop tried to stop me. I nevertheless “tried to press ahead”. I got shot. Fucking tasered. I didn’t get off because my likeness had been used for 90’s era Chelsea Clinton blowup sex dolls (look at her picture and tell me I’m wrong).

But that seems to be the theme of this election: getting away with shit right in front of everyone and then expecting to be rewarded anyhow. Hillary should just put that on her fucking website along with a picture of her giving us the finger with the words “And you’ll fucking do it” scrawled beneath her.  And will I indeed “fucking do it”? You know, take one for the “team” and vote for Hillary? Truth is, I’m not sure.

Needless to say I’ll never vote for Trump. But that doesn’t mean I have to vote for Clinton. Oh, I’ll vote. Maybe I’ll vote Green, which I think has something to do with St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure. Or those guys who want to bring back the Wild West. I forget their names but what the hell. Is Lyndon LaRouche still a thing? Anyway, the problem Hillary faces is this: I already hate Donald Trump. But, I never thought in a million years I would find myself wondering if I hate her more. And while I’m not there yet, I can only say that every time I see that specimen up there smiling in the audience I get a little closer.

Because right now I feel a lot like Deadpool. And Hillary is Colossus dragging me off to some place I don’t want to go…




Hillary Clinton Is Coming To Get You

Hillary the Accuser

Whenever I see pictures like this I wonder why we bother having software like Photoshop. And why you would strike a pose like this as a political candidate is beyond me. There’s no good way to use this image. Well, for her. For me on the other hand it’s just the sort of thing that gets me back to blogging after… well, a while. And it is truly sad when the only two people disgusting enough to get me back to Greel are a mass murdering Norwegian lunatic and Hillary Clinton.

Clinton officially became the Democratic nominee for President last night. And, for some odd reason, she decided to finish her acceptance speech by impersonating Donald Sutherland from INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. The Washington Post caption for this picture was “Hillary Clinton acknowledges the crowd”. No human being has ever acknowledged another human being this way outside of the Spanish Inquisition.

But enough about Hillary’s old man scrotum photo appeal. I didn’t fire this bad boy up just to make jokes about how un-telegenic she is. Or about how crazy he is and how wrong we all were about him. Or about how beyond insane this election is. You don’t need me for any of that. Magnus Greel was never here to tell you something you didn’t know, unless it was about my masturbating habits or my once empassioned romance with Michele Bachmann.

People who have read this site have been asking why I’m not right in the thick of this whole circus. “This election is like nothing before! Why aren’t you blogging about this?” Well, that’s the thing: this election is just like every one before it. Just because the candidates are historically unpopular doesn’t change the fact that this is the same demented kabuki theater we are forced to sit through every four years. And just like with every election before we are all getting played like an air guitar at a Metallica concert.

There is nothing shocking, different or rebellious about Donald Trump. Anyone who has ever spent more than ten minutes with a white man whose education tops out at the 12th grade has heard all of this before. Border walls. Bombing “the hell” out of people. The “Moslems”. Fart and dick jokes. All of it. Donald Trump is a conservative. This is what conservatives sound like.

As for Bernie, well, it was a noble effort. Even though it was never going to work and he was clearly as surprised as anyone that his campaign got as far as it did. But even he was a scripted character in this bizarre play. He was meant to elevate our sense of hope and excitement. Like an appetizer at a shitty restaurant. The main course sucks but you’re all eager and hungry from the hors d’oeuvres so you just swallow it down anyway. Then get blinding drunk and hope you don’t puke.

Drinking and puking is, of course, what brings me to Hillary Clinton. Because that’s what we’re all going to be doing for four years if she gets elected. Nobody is excited for this person to become President. Well, a few people are. Madeleine Albright and that woman who was married to Christian Bale’s dad seem to be excited. But, at their age, making it to and from the shower without the obligatory hip breaking probably gets them excited. And don’t try and tell me that I should be excited. Or happy. Or okay with it because, you know, Trump.

And yes, one is just as bad as the other. Meryll Streep and Oprah Winfrey can run around shouting and cheering like communications majors on spring break all they want. My liberal and progressive friends can post all the witty, researched and intelligent arguments they want on social media. The Clinton Campaign can blind and deafen me with images and testimonials about what a really caring and great lady she is.

This sucks and you know it.