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I have a few family members who work in mental health. And if there’s one thing that has always intrigued me it’s their belief that everyone is crazy to one degree or another. Of course for most of us that means relatively harmless stuff like watching clown porn or having a human relationship with a pet. But, for some people, it means turning into a one man murder machine.

“A second psychiatric evaluation of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has found him sane enough to face trial and a jail term.

The findings contradict a previous evaluation, published in November, that found him legally insane.

Breivik is due to stand trial on Monday over a bomb attack and shooting spree last July that killed 77 people.

Both reports will be considered by the court when it decides whether he should be sent to a psychiatric ward or jail.” – BBC NEWS

Breivik, who for some reason is allowed to dress like Neo when he comes to court, looks like he enjoys showing people how strong he is and that he could break out of those cuffs if he really wanted to. And in most cases I would laugh at someone that crazy. Except that this guy killed 77 people. In one day. And they’re still debating whether or not he’s insane. Which, I’m assuming, means somehow there’s a version of murdering 77 people in one day and you’re not just a little touched in the head.

At least now this asshole might go to jail instead of going free for being crazy. I always found it kind of strange that there could be a legal system in which there are relatively few consequences despite having committed 77 homicides. In one day. But, rack up a few parking tickets or make fun of the royal family in Norway and they sure as fuck throw the book at you. So I hear.

Meanwhile, in America, our most famous mass murderer just got what will probably be his last day in court. In what has become a macabre ritual since being imprisoned four decades ago Charles Manson was given a parole hearing to determine if they might actually let this fucking retard out of jail.

“Notorious killer Charles Manson, 77, was denied parole Wednesday after a California parole panel “could find nothing good as far as suitability” for his being paroled, a commissioner said.

Manson didn’t show up for his parole hearing, which was held at a state prison in Corcoran, California, where he is serving a life sentence.

Manson’s next parole hearing was scheduled for 15 years from now, meaning he could die in prison.

California Board of Parole Hearings Commissioner John Peck said that Manson has accumulated 108 serious disciplinary violations in prison since 1971 and that he has shown no indication of remorse for his nine murder convictions.” – CNN

I’m all for mindlessly going through the motions and stuff. Believe me I am. But, this kind of scares me when they do this. State bureaucrats could fuck up a bowl of oatmeal and I’m surprised that they haven’t accidentally let him out by now. Of course when it comes to my back taxes or expired car registration they’re goddamn Johnny on the Spot. I’m not sure what the moral of this story is but I think it has something to do with killing lots of people and not paying taxes. Two areas where I’m a Viking.