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In the opening scene of MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, King Arthur and his Knights of Camelot find themselves at the gates of a French castle. Seeking help on their quest for the Holy Grail they are subjected to crude taunts, childish behavior and eventually a hail of small animals and even a cow. As I watched Donnie Boy’s first press conference since becoming President-elect I couldn’t help but notice the similarities. The American news media was basically playing the part of dopey establishment clowns banging coconuts together while Trump perched high on his tower telling them that their fathers smelt of elderberries.

“Well, that sure escalated quickly.

“That” was Donald J. Trump’s inaugural news conference as a duly elected United States president-to-be, in which he called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage,” dismissed CNN as “fake news” and more or less told the whole lot of reporters at Trump Tower to stuff it when it comes to his unreleased tax returns because everyday Americans don’t care and, anyway, “I won.”

There were two big lessons in the Wednesday morning melee.

1. Mr. Trump remains a master media manipulator who used his first news briefing since July to expertly delegitimize the news media and make it the story rather than the chaotic swirl of ethical questions that engulf his transition.

2. The news media remains an unwitting accomplice in its own diminishment as it fails to get a handle on how to cover this new and wholly unprecedented president.

It better figure things out, fast, because it has found itself at the edge of the cliff. And our still-functioning (fingers crossed) democracy needs it to stay on the right side of the drop.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

What the hell are you talking about, man? We’re not at the edge of the cliff. We’re on the floor of the flaming pit below. Or lake of feces. I think the Methodists believe something about a lake of feces. Maybe it’s the Quakers. I don’t know. This really isn’t my area. The point being that the media in America long ago went over a cliff. The poor sods at that press conference have basically become that kid you kept inviting to parties in high school just so you could make fun of him. Trump is basically that asshole wearing a letterman jacket who threatens to fight anyone who makes fun of his acne.

On the other hand, who the hell am I to sit here and talk about Trump’s behavior? You wouldn’t want me up there. Hell no. I’d have shown them my ass or my dick and said something like “I’m sorry, homo says what?” every time they asked me a question. Trump frightens us precisely because at some level he mirrors us. Granted, it’s the very worst of us. But, us nonetheless. Given the opportunity I too would have verbally abused a member of the goddamned Bush family or John McCain. And even though I’m pretty liberal I don’t give a fat shit about what Meryl Streep thinks either.

And no, I have never grabbed a woman anywhere except by the strings of her heart. Fucking perverts.